Introducing Engagement Automation

Are you thinking about how you can supercharge employee engagement in 2022? Be the first to get up close with Unily's new Engagement Automation feature and discover how you can use it to close the gap between internal comms and external marketing.

Discover the future of employee engagement

Engaged employees are a company's greatest asset, but the rules of engagement are being rewritten and internal communications are under pressure to meet rising expectations. In this webinar, we bring an exclusive preview of Unily's most exciting feature-set yet: Engagement Automation.

What is Engagement Automation?

Engagement Automation brings marketing-grade campaign-building and automation technology to the workplace. For the first time, internal communicators can create complex, multi-channel campaigns that feed off user data to deliver personalized experiences to every employee.

For years, marketers have enjoyed access to hundreds of specialized systems to support the delivery of hyper-personalized customer experiences. Now, internal communicators can take advantage of the same technology to engage employees, finally closing the gap between external marketing and internal communications. 

On the agenda:

  • What is intelligent content delivery?
  • Feature demo 
  • Use cases for engagement automation

Who should watch?

This webinar is for trailblazers and innovators seeking to optimize digital employee experience and level up employee engagement. Internal communicators, digital workplace leaders, and HR practitioners will be shown how they can innovate their strategies with technology developed specifically to address the challenges of a complex, modern enterprise.

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