Best Buy Canada selects Unily to modernize its intranet solution

The comprehensive intranet and internal communications offering from Unily means Best Buy Canada’s employees will enjoy a seamless and collaborative experience.

Best Buy Canada, large electronics retail store

Unily has been selected by Best Buy Canada, a fully owned subsidiary of Best Buy Co. Inc. and one of Canada’s top consumer retailers, to overhaul its current intranet system and digitally enhance its employee experience. Best Buy Canada will work with Unily to design an intranet that will completely revolutionize its internal communications. Best Buy Canada’s new intranet will replace an existing legacy solution, and create a digital hub for employees to become more collaborative, engaged, and functional.

Creating a one-stop-shop collaborative working environment 

Having over 12,000 employees across Canada, Best Buy Canada needed a way to ensure all employees – including corporate, frontline store staff, and distribution center workers – were connected, informed, and had all the information they require in a single one-stop-shop. By choosing Unily, Best Buy Canada will be able to completely overhaul its existing intranet with a digital, cloud-based intranet system that will bring all employees together into one online working environment.

The new intranet will create a single source for employees to get information and up-to-date company news and will act as a digital hub for social collaboration. It will also enable two-way feedback for employees, offering an interactive place for workers to connect while they support the more than 250 million unique customer visits digitally and in-store each year.

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"As a digital-first organization, we want to provide employees with a solution that meets the current times in terms of how people communicate with each other. Ultimately, we wanted a place for everyone to go for all their communications needs, and Unily’s intranet will help us to achieve this. Unily fit our vision and met our strict security protocols on the backend. We’re very excited to be working with Unily to design an intranet that will enable our employees to feel more connected."

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"We’re thrilled to be working with Best Buy Canada to implement an intranet system that will go above and beyond in meeting requirements. 2020 has been an eye-opener as to how important it is to look after your employees, so we’re excited to be helping Best Buy Canada with improving their employee experience and ensuring they feel connected and valued."

Jo Skilton - CCO at Unily
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