10 ways an intranet can help a business

Improve communication

Having a wealth of communication tools at their fingertips enables employees to communicate how they want. Email, voice, video, instant messaging and social means users can get the information they need from colleagues faster than ever before.

Greater collaboration

Being able to communicate effectively with co-workers improves collaboration, but a quality intranet can take that further by enabling teams to work on the same document simultaneously or see exactly who has previously made what changes.

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Case Study

Biogen transforms enterprise corporate communications and collaboration

Biogen keeps patients and physicians front and center in its daily work. With more than 7k employees across 40 countries all working together to research and develop medicines to transform neuroscience, collaboration truly lies at the heart of the company. Biogen sought to evolve their intranet into an employee experience platform that would encompass the tools and collaboration means to provide an unparalleled ability to further medical science.

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Easier to find people

Interactive people directories that are searchable on a number of criteria (name, title, department, specialism) make it quick and straightforward for colleagues to get in touch with each other. Presence tools also show whether a contact can talk now or later. 

Making searching for documents simpler

As with people directories, intranets can make it easier to find any document on a system, through in-depth, yet easy-to-use search functions. 

Providing employees with a personalized experience of your company intranet, such as opening their home page with relevant news, updates, apps and documents, while enabling them to generate their own content, is a key driver of engagement.

An open-source intranet platform will be able to incorporate existing tools. This reduces the need to buy, install and learn new applications and allows an organization to hit the ground running with an updated intranet.

Improve employee loyalty and sense of belonging

Employees that have a workspace specific to them, can communicate effectively with colleagues, and feel they can input ideas and concerns to management, are more likely to feel valued within an organization. 

Sharing best practice

Better communications, collaboration and storage of documents combine to enable staff to better share with colleagues those practices that work best, helping to improve productivity.

Up-level customer service

A quality intranet software can provide staff with access to all the information they need to rapidly and effectively help customers.

Increase productivity

Ultimately, intranet software can improve the productivity of all of those that use it by providing them with everything they need in one place and helping to improve their disposition.

A quality intranet creates a more efficient business where workers are more productive, loyal, collaborative and communicative, leading to greater efficiencies and profits.

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How to decide what intranet software is best for you

There is little doubt of the benefits of modern intranet software over an aging, static legacy intranet. But with so many options out there, how do you know where to start? Download our comprehensive guide today to understand the questions you should be asking before deciding upon intranet software.

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