Control your brand assets with a centralized enterprise intranet

Whilst Unily isn’t an 'asset management software', you can control your brand's identity and manage your brand assets from a centralized repository, or brand asset library. Unily’s intranet offers many features that help ensure a consistent brand message. Standardize visual assets and make sure every relevant employee has instant access to the latest versions. Rest easy knowing your brand’s identity is coherent across all channels at all times.


  • The Estée Lauder Companies

    "We needed the design to be super elegant and the UX had to be really strong. It needed to be multi-sensory so users want to reach out and touch it, then talk about it and use the social features to take that message, and what they've learned, and share it with other employees."

    Kerry O'Donnell - Executive Director, Information Technology at The Estée Lauder Companies
  • "The Unily platform allows our employees to access relevant content more quickly, choose how and when they stay informed and take advantage of opportunities to collaborate more effectively with colleagues."

    Carly Nankin - Head of Internal Communications and Engagement at Cathay Pacific
  • "As our colleagues are used to using Facebook, Twitter, and so on - to have the same great user experience with an internal tool is a gift for them."

    Raphaèle Lhomel - Deputy Head of Communications at Adecco


Maintain a single source of truth, from a single storage point. Give brand managers the power to keep your brand identity consistent, with a robust portal asset management system. Control brand assets from a single access point, overseen by a brand manager, to ensure employees are using the latest versions and promoting the latest vision. Operate across multiple regions and languages with ease, with an online brand asset management system that follows a logical hierarchy, supporting the governance of regionalized assets.


Make sure employees understand every change in your company’s vision, with a system that manages brand assets and provides version control. Have confidence in your brand asset library, knowing the latest versions are available to all employees at any given time. Your brand remains unified, without you needing to manually send out digital asset updates. Standardize assets with corporate color schemes, fonts, palettes, and video idents. Preserve brand integrity and showcase your organization’s brand evolution in real-time.


Provide exhaustive training and guidance for new employees, covering every area associated with using your brand assets. Utilize internal social networks to keep everyone on the same page with the latest brand guidelines. Connect all employees with brand guardians, your brand asset library’s champions, to ensure new members get up to speed quickly. Sign off on brand communications and share best practices to increase knowledge across your entire organization.


Create workflows and forms that vastly improve your approval processes. Maintain control and efficiency, while giving your brand guardians the tools they need to work quickly, with brand asset management software. Alert them whenever a marketing asset needs to be signed off and keep a record of approvals along with any edits made. Track these decisions in a central platform, and make searching through long email threads a thing of the past.


Experience a digital asset management marketing tool like no other. A single location for brand asset storage that allows for centralized control, but also enables effortless communication between other programs & marketing channels. Uphold a level of consistency in how assets are used across various campaigns. Integrate with SharePoint, Google, Hubspot or more, to form a synergistic platform that is easily searchable and holds all of your company's marketing materials.


Asset Management FAQs

What is digital asset management (DAM) software?

Digital brand asset management software centralizes a business’ digital assets in one location. These assets may include images, logos, video idents, and other graphics. Asset management can be accomplished using dedicated DAM software or through the use of an internal intranet.

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What are examples of digital asset management?

Digital asset examples can include any digital file used to promote a brand's presence, like images, graphics, and design files. These may be stored and managed in a central repository. This digital location, accessible by certain company individuals within the company, is a form of digital asset management. DAM software is available, but often an intranet, such as Unily, can perform many of the same functions.

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What is the difference between DAM and CMS?

The key difference between a DAM and a CMS is this. DAM software stores digital assets, like images and media files, while a CMS allows users to create, edit, manage, and modify website content.

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Is digital asset management the same as PIM?

Product Information Management (PIM) software allows businesses to store and manage product information relating to marketing and sales. On the other hand, DAM software manages every digital asset. Assets stored within DAM software, or on an intranet, are easy to access and help create a single source of truth. This ensures your brand is consistent across multiple channels.

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