Creating a culture of belonging in the hybrid workplace

The future of work is hybrid – but what does this mean when it comes to workplace culture? We’ve partnered with strategy consulting firm Gagen MacDonald to bring you actionable ways to build a culture of belonging in a hybrid world. How can you use a powerful tool – technology – to bridge culture gaps and establish a culture of inclusivity?

It's no secret that workplace culture took a hit in 2020, with employees feeling less connected to their colleagues and their companies. As we move into recovery and future planning, enterprises are looking to implement strategies for thriving hybrid cultures. Technology will be key in making sure these new cultures survive.

Though it often takes a crisis for leaders to remember, a strong culture is a business’s most powerful, precious asset. It’s the engine of productivity, the backbone of growth and, often, the difference between a plan that worked on paper and a plan that works in real life.

Understanding how technology can be used to bridge culture gaps and create a sense of belonging will be pivotal to navigating the next chapter of work. 

This webinar will provide anyone invested in promoting digital workplace culture with tangible ways to enhance their strategy and inform their planning. You will learn about the undervalued importance of belonging at work and how leading enterprises are using technology to drive a culture of inclusivity that will underpin future success.

On the agenda:

  • Understanding the culture deficit: how has hybrid work impacted workplace culture?
  • From an organizational psychology standpoint, why is belonging so important to enterprise success?
  • How do you use technology to create a sense of belonging in a hybrid workplace?
  • How can you promote DEI through virtual belonging?
  • What are leading enterprises doing to support culture in the future of work?

Who is the webinar for?

Mastering company culture requires investment from cross-functional teams. Internal Communicators, HR, and IT leaders all have a role to play in enabling the hybrid future of work - and this webinar is designed to give a cross-section of insights covering all three roles and how you can come together to deliver tangible results. 

Who is Gagen MacDonald?

Gagen MacDonald is a strategy consulting firm dedicated to enhancing the employee experience through culture, communication, change and leadership. It has been a pioneer in bringing humanity to strategy execution, leading in areas such as organizational communication, culture, leadership and employee engagement for two decades. Working with some of the world’s most complex and admired companies, it has forged a cross-disciplinary approach to both change and transformation that has a unique ability to translate ideas into actions and goals into results. As a certified woman-owned business, Gagen MacDonald believes strongly in creating a diverse and inclusive work environment.

Meet the panel:

Casey Croslin - Psy.D at Gagen MacDonald

As an industrial organizational (IO) psychologist, Casey Croslin possesses the unique perspective of applying psychology to improve performance in the workplace. She contributes to an organization’s success by understanding and measuring human behavior to improve employees’ satisfaction in their work, increase employers’ ability to select and promote the best people, and make the workplace better for those who work there.

Abigail J. Covington - Consultant at Gagen MacDonald

Abigail is energized by innovation, by seeking purpose, and by creating connections between dissimilar groups. As a recent addition to the Gagen MacDonald team, she brings an inquisitive nature to her work as a Consultant, asking big questions and breaking apart complex systems to highlight the importance of nuance and of understanding the unique individuality all clients and issues possess. Her years of experience as a liaison between varying bodies attempting to reach common ground assist in her client work around culture change and transformation efforts.

Matthew Boyd - Product Evangelist at Unily

Matthew has a decade of experience working with the world's largest enterprises to solve communications challenges and bring their employee experience visions to life. Now working within the product marketing team, Matthew works to develop new product features that ensure Unily's roadmap innovates to meet the needs of employees and their enterprises.

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