Why have an intranet?

In this digital age, most businesses with more than a handful of employees will have some type of intranet. Those that don’t might be wondering why they should bother looking at implementing an intranet themselves; after all they’ve made it this far without one, right? But intranet software offers such significant advantages that even the smallest of organizations should consider having one. 

Modern workplaces can be chaotic, with lots of people all over the world working on lots of different projects, asking questions, sharing information, trying to tick off a ‘to-do’ list as long as their arms. Improving the efficiency of an organization can help to improve the bottom line. In the UK for instance, research has shown that inefficient processes cost businesses an average of £28,000 per year. 

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The benefits of implementing a company intranet

Implementing an intranet site is the best way to organize the internal workings of a business. Better organization means greater efficiency. Ideally, an intranet site will have the exact communications and collaboration tools that an employee needs, alongside the apps and access to files they require to do their job, all in one easy to navigate interface.

This site should let staff know the latest news from around the company and the industry to help both keep them informed enough to be able to do their jobs effectively, while also creating a bond that fosters loyalty. Furthermore, if that site is also designed to look and feel in a way that reinforces a business’ brand, then it can also help to improve employees’ sense of place. They will be able to communicate effectively with clients and stakeholders what the ethos of the organization is, making them brand ambassadors.

To sum up, why a business needs an intranet site is not confined to just one reason, but to many. Collaboration, communication, clarity and loyalty can all be enhanced by a quality, bespoke intranet site. For examples of how Unily, the leading intranet solution, has transformed businesses take a look at our case studies

Improve employee relations and retention

An intranet makes communications between management and staff more effective. Managers can ensure their employees have access to the latest company, customer and competitor information how and when they want it, while staff can pass upwards any issues or comments they may have. 

According to financial site The Balance, making sure employees know what is expected of them and allowing them to speak their mind to management are key for employee retention and relations.

Improve work/life balance

Happy employees are more productive and one way to raise their levels of happiness is to improve their work/life balance. An intranet can help in this by enabling employees to work effectively from home. Using an internet connection and log in details, staff should be able to get on to their work intranet from wherever they happen to be, giving them access to all the tools and people they need to do their job.

An intranet can also make office workers more efficient during the day, so that they can log off on time if they want to.

Improve the sharing of ideas

In business, two heads are generally better than one. Empowering employees to effectively work together, no matter how far geographically they are apart, helps to formulate and spread ideas that are beneficial to staff and the business. The latest intranets incorporate sophisticated yet easy-to-use communications and collaboration tools that enable employees to work together as if they were at the same desk.

Improve customer service

Well-informed staff are more likely to be of more help to customers. An intranet can alert an employee if a customer action needs completing and gives that employee access to a wealth of corporate and product information in digital form and through communicating with employees.

Improve document control

Working with or even publishing the wrong version of a document can be costly and embarrassing. An intranet can prevent this by helping to organize documents and notifying contributors of any changes. 

In short, an effective company intranet solution is a powerful business tool that can enhance engagement, productivity, and efficiency in organizations of any size, helping them to cope with the challenges of today and seize the opportunities of tomorrow.

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