What's new in Unily, Spring 2024

The latest evolution in Unily is nearly here, and it’s sure to unearth sophisticated capability to drive outstanding results. Bringing you the latest and greatest in content clarity, intuitive engagement, and employee experience excellence – Unily’s here to power the future of the intranet.

The latest and greatest intranet functionality is on its way

As always, our innovation team has been dedicated to shaping the digital workplace of the future and leading the charge in the intranet market – all while keeping customer value as the ever-present guiding force. Let’s unpack what’s on the horizon, and get you excited for the market-leading features to come.

Unily is firmly establishing itself as the leader in content design with our new live editing capabilities. With the live page editor, you can rest assured your content will make you stand-out and keep your people engaged like never before. Best-in-class Journeys tooling is being enhanced with new and improved steps to suit every use case across any enterprise.

Unily Social’s power is also getting a little TLC, with enhancements fit for the social age – with familiar tooling your people love to engage with outside of work. We’ve even elevated our AI tooling, with intelligently suggested images bringing AI-generated content to life in a flash.

That’s not all! Beyond these headline stars, our new Personal Bookmarks are driving the ultimate personalization and we’re switching across to a brand-new media service to elevate video content. Read the detail below. 

These new features and improvements will drive enterprise value at scale, and ensure your people are always along for the ride.

Live Page Editor

We think the process of creating content should be just as beautiful as the content itself. Your intranet should have a premium look and feel that’s not a nightmare to create. Enter, the Live Page Editor from Unily.

With seamless drag and drop, one-click design changes, and 20:20 vision of exactly what you’re designing when you’re designing it – the Live Page Editor offers the gold-standard in content creation. Breaking-down the barrier between the ‘front-end’ and ‘back-end’ for good, the Live Page Editor dissolves the guessing game in what you’re building so you can focus on the important stuff; EX excellence.

CMS live editor

Making it easier to visualize the final product and easier to configure widgets within the intranet CMS, you now have a top-tier user experience so your people can have a top-tier employee experience. Increase productivity across your teams with reduced time needed to create winning content, tweak it, publish it, and delight your audiences – at scale. The Live Page Editor brings a more consistent experience to Unily, improving the flow of work, and ensuring best-in-class accessibility so that everyone can get creative.

Learning from adjacent markets, this exciting new feature brings the art of intuitive web design (think Squarespace, Wix, or Shopify) to the world of employee experience, so you can delight your people with ease.

Intranet CMS

Empower your communicators with simple and intuitive publishing tools. Build. design, and target engaging content with ease. No IT support necessary.

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New steps for Journeys

Another impressive entrant to the evolving Unily roster is granular user steps in Employee Journeys. Called in to further support use cases such as intranet adoption and employee onboarding, these new steps provide more options to elevate content adoption rates across your enterprise.

updated Journeys demonstration gif

Journeys can now comprise content interactions as steps, encouraging your people to publish content in specific locations of the CMS (permissions depending) or leverage their ‘My Content’ to craft a personal insight. Steps can also be added for social interactions such as posting on social or content, reacting on social or content, or awarding recognition – signposting your people to use their voice across our rich social landscape. Finally, timeline events to encourage your people to tweak their profile or preferences will elevate employee journeys further. By updating their preferences as part of a journey, your workforce can experience the ultimate personalization, unlock improved search, and prioritize what’s important to them.

Employee Journeys

Enhance engagement with seamless journeys for every stage of the employee lifecycle.

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Social enhancements

Unily’s extensive social capability has been rejuvenated with a wealth of new ways to engage. Employees will now have rich formatting options at their fingertips so they have the freedom to get creative in the comments. The ability to bold, italicize, strikethrough, or underline copy alongside clean and coloured hyperlinks will take Unily social intranet to the next level. We’ve also added in emojis across our social so your people can express themselves more fully and bring any social content to life.

Additionally, now you’ll be able to pin posts in social, giving community managers better control to highlight the most important content in any channel, and ensuring your people get critical updates or announcements double-time. Users will also be able to share posts across any social community now too, facilitating broader engagement across groups, and bridging any gap with conversation.

Social Intranet

Connect your people, foster community, and fuel idea-exchange with powerful social features that give every employee a voice within your enterprise.

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AI Suggested Imagery

We previously brought the world of generative AI to the land of EX with our AI Publishing Assistant; the ultimate editing companion to help you whip-up compelling stories at scale in seconds. However, here at Unily we know a picture paints a thousand words. That’s why we’ve teamed it up with AI Suggested Imagery. This future-ready tool will search across your imagery library and propose the perfect image for your content based on the content you’ve generated. Seamlessly elevating your content, this will ensure every story has pixel perfect imagery to match.

AI powered intranet

From generative content to enhanced translation and video capability, Unily brings employee experience into the world of AI.

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Personal Bookmarks

Maintain high adoption of workplace resources with fast access to internal and external sites and pages with native Personal Bookmarks.

Bookmark internal and external URLs to further cement the intranet as a central launchpad for all tools and resources. Utilize deep linking to link to specific areas within 3rd party apps like Culture Amp, ADP, and more to remove digital friction. Personal bookmarks are also omni-device to help all employees access what they need, whether they are frontline or desk-based employees.

More exciting enhancements 

Within our Apps & Tools feature, you’ll now be able to add personalized hyperlinks – removing digital friction, and helping employees get to the external pages they love faster. Unily’s native Media services are also getting an upgrade with a shift to Bitmovin from our previous provider Azure.

Watch us unveil the latest in Unily during our webinar!   

We’ll be introducing the latest and greatest in Unily capability to the world very soon. Register below to join us and see these features in action, and hear about all the other new features that arrive with the latest and greatest in Unily. 

Aislinn Logan - Product Marketing Manager

By Aislinn Logan

Product Marketing Manager

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