Why you should choose an intranet vendor with an accreditation pathway

Behind every successful intranet are a team of skilled professionals working to keep their platform at the cutting-edge. But with technology evolving at pace, how do you ensure your teams are armed with the latest skills to maximize the potential of your employee experience platform? Accreditation pathways are the answer, and this is why you should select a vendor that offers one.

Accreditation pathway

Setting the SaaS scene

The global Software as a Service (SaaS) market is predicted to be worth $720.4 Billion by 2028. With this boom in popularity and prevalent use across many business operations, learning how to take full advantage of SaaS product’s offering is on the agenda of every organization.

The abundant Intranet Packaged Solutions or Employee Experience Platform market can seem overwhelming for many buyers, but something that could set a solution apart is an accreditation pathway so your people can unlock the full power of the platform.

As most SaaS platforms have a wide range of possibilities, many users don’t know what they don’t know. This presents an especially tricky situation, with knowledge deficiency and a lack of comprehensive training leaving many in the dark.

Find your footing with an accreditation pathway

One way of enabling your people to discover all the features of your platform, upskill on their use in their day-to-day, and demonstrate proficiency is with an official accreditation pathway.

By undertaking this structured and tiered learning, your people can increase their dexterity with the product and strengthen credibility. Supporting your people to get officially certified in the platform can ensure compliance with best practice and ensure they’re shaping the employee experience platform to be the best it can be.

This approach can also empower your people to build an interconnected network of individuals with trusted expertise in the business – perhaps even a legion of platform ambassadors. These ambassadors will set the standard of excellence, inspire others to reach for new heights, and could offer trusted advisory services across the business.



Unily launches professional accreditation program for product upskilling

Unily customers are set to benefit from a newly launched professional accreditation program designed to arm intranet teams and contributors with the skills to maximize the potential of their employee experience platform. 

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Why you should choose an intranet vendor that has invested in accreditation

When intranet vendors invest in an accreditation pathway and official certification, users know how to take full advantage of their product and really make it ‘sing’.

As well as being a vote of confidence for the full product suite, a comprehensive accreditation pathway helps customers achieve their business goals, increases employee fulfillment at work, and nurtures a mutually beneficial relationship across the workforce.

Employees who are better equipped to build content within the platform will generate more cohesive stories and thoughtfully structured information – improving the power of the platform exponentially.

They’re more likely to build consumer-grade content that takes full advantage of the available features. Accredited content editors or intranet managers will establish a well-oiled schedule of reliably timed content that your people can count-on as being the latest and greatest. These characteristics will elevate engagement across the business, generating more successful business outcomes and a higher proportion of happy employees.

Having workers who are well-tooled to handle their employee experience platform across several layers of detail drives efficiencies in expenses too. If a user is leveraging a wide variety of applications simultaneously, they’ll experience increased digital friction from app-switching, spend more money on point-solutions, and their productivity will plummet. This in turn, will slow down company operations and damage the bottom line.

Therefore, accreditation could have a wonderful impact on return on investment in your intranet product. This intuitive method of closing the skills gap, and validating expertise in a structured, fair way with an official stamp of approval from the brand will benefit both the business and your people to continuously improve.

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Why Unily is the first choice intranet for Fortune 500 enterprises

Unily has partnered with some of the world’s best-known brands to bring employee experience visions to life. Employees at Shell, McDonald’s, CVS, L’Oreal, Cardinal Health, Estee Lauder, Best Buy, and many more of the dynamic enterprises that make up the Fortune 500, S&P 500, and FTSE 100 index, all use Unily to power their digital experience of work. Throughout these engagements, what have we learned about delivering employee experiences for the Fortune 500? And how are the biggest organizations using enterprise intranet platforms to solve complex challenges and shape the future of work?

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What are the benefits of accreditation for your people?

By undergoing a certification process and achieving accreditation – employees gain a deeper understanding of the product and its capabilities, enabling them to use it more effectively and efficiently. They’ll generate more impactful, quality content as they properly learn to use the platform the right way.

This streamlines work processes and saves time too –driving increased productivity and improved job performance over time.

Being accredited in a SaaS product will help open new career paths within the organization and opportunities that may have otherwise been missed. Official accreditation will help employees stay up to date with emerging trends and key industry developments too – all the while boosting employee confidence and credibility in the workplace.

When your employees achieve and proudly exhibit their accreditation in the employee experience platform, they’ll receive more respect as a trusted, differentiated advisor to their peers and improve their reputation in the enterprise.

It will also make your people feel like you’re invested in their development. With so many people contending for similar positions, having a certification in a relevant product or transferable skillset will help your people show they have the necessary skills to do the job effectively in comparison with less qualified peers.

What does the ultimate accreditation program look like?

A professional path to certification should be well-structured with thoughtfully curated content to formalize learning, recognize knowledge, and celebrate the success of its participants. It shouldn’t overwhelm your people but should provide carefully planned-out segments of content designed to set your people up for success.

Here are some key characteristics of a solid accreditation program:

  • Staged learning paths: A cohesive set of learning paths, tiered by stages of knowledge should package up the accreditation program into manageable chunks. Each path should comprehensively explain a set of features and capabilities with real-world examples.
  • Learning quizzes: These should challenge and test participants’ knowledge throughout their learning journey so they can apply their newfound knowledge in quizzes that are broken down by level and relevant learning paths taken.
  • Becoming officially certified: On completion of the product accreditation program, participants should become officially certified. This will formalize their product expertise and provide the ability to share their achievement via external professional platforms, including LinkedIn. Levels of certification should adhere to levels of learning paths. 

Did you know Unily recently launched our very own professional accreditation program?

Unily customers are already benefitting from our new professional accreditation program, launched a month ago. Designed to arm intranet teams and contributors with the skills to maximize the potential of their employee experience platform, the program has been a roaring success so far. Find out more about it here or sign up for a free demo today to discover the full power of Unily.

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