Unily V16: Intelligent CMS

Refinements to Unily’s CMS offered a key component of our recent version release. We’re digging a little deeper into these enhancements towards a more intelligent CMS, and what it means for content creators across our platform.

Intelligent CMS

Simplicity for content is everything

The enhancements made to Unily’s content management system make it simpler to create, find, and govern content. Unily pairs an extensive, enterprise-scale platform with an intuitive and easy-to-use CMS so teams can work faster to deploy engaging employee experiences.

Guided governance for a stronger intranet

Large or complex organizations often struggle to govern and encourage best practices across their workforce. Unily’s recent additions around enhanced search and featured widgets make it easier to find, update, or create content driving excellence across your platform.

Frictionless curation and creation

We’re making Unily’s CMS simpler to use, search, and govern. Craft engaging experiences with ease using the Create Content button or seamlessly search for assets using Unily’s Enhanced CMS Search. Streamlined content is only a few clicks away.

Unily's Intranet CMS

Empower your communicators with simple and intuitive publishing tools. Build. design, and target engaging content with ease. No IT support necessary.


With the arrival of Featured Widgets you’ll be able to better ensure consistency across your landscape and align pages to enterprise priorities.

These changes will not only improve the content creation and management process, but route users to what they need faster. A more intuitive CMS will reduce the training time required for a quicker time to value when a user joins the team too.

Driving value for comms teams

A more intelligent CMS means faster upskilling for your teams and a more straightforward system to get to grips with. The intuitive centralized content create button will quicken any content creation workflow.

Finding content in the back-end no longer needs to be a daunting task with granular refiners, predictive type-ahead search and automatically categorized results. These intuitive improvements will save your people time and effort, so they can get back to the strategic challenges that matter most.

HR content excellence in a flash

Delivering high-quality HR content to exceed your people’s expectations is made easier with these CMS enhancements. With Featured Widgets, you’ll be able to encourage best-practices and usage of modern capabilities for sites and pages. The intuitively centralized content create button will make it easy for irregular users to craft and amend content, streamlining workflow and driving great content at scale.

Advanced CMS search makes it faster and easier to find or update content in the backend, helping your HR teams keep vital information accurate and up to date – driving that all-important trust in the HR function.

Maximizing the value of your platform

Digital transformation teams or intranet managers also stand to benefit from a more intelligent CMS. Featured widgets can be used to spotlight the latest capabilities and promote the use of modern capability. This will drive utilization of the most recent features, boosting adoption, and maximizing value across the platform.

Consistent experience is key to a healthy intranet. When users are encouraged to use modern designs, this will drive higher quality experiences across the digital landscape. The centralized create content button and advanced search will also save your users time so they can create showstopping content at scale.

An intelligent CMS is the foundation for greatness

Whether you’re looking to empower your comms to make the most of the content creation on offer or encouraging functional teams to drive engagement with initiatives, a more streamlined and intuitive CMS will lasting impact across your employee experience.

Watch our V16 launch webinar on-demand to understand more about this exciting release, and how you could bring it to life for yourself.


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Aislinn Logan - Product Marketing Manager

By Aislinn Logan

Product Marketing Manager

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