Unily launches professional accreditation program for product upskilling

Unily customers are set to benefit from a newly launched professional accreditation program designed to arm intranet teams and contributors with the skills to maximize the potential of their employee experience platform. 


Unily customers to benefit from product upskilling program 

The company intranet has become a vital tool for enabling world-class employee experience in the post-pandemic working world. From transforming internal communications to solving digital friction, improving productivity, knowledge sharing, and culture, with the right strategy businesses stand to gain considerable benefits from their intranet technology.  

But behind every successful intranet is a team of content managers and technical experts, all working to keep the intranet at the cutting-edge.  

Unily’s new product accreditation program is designed to provide Unily customers with the knowledge and guidance to maximize the potential of their employee experience platform.  

The newly launched University Learning Paths reimagines self-service product upskilling with a suite of guided learning tools delivered through Unily’s market-leading customer community portal, Universe. Unily customers will have access to training modules that will equip them with the skills they need to succeed in their unique roles. 

"As industries continue to see flux in the workforce, knowledge management has never been more important. Unily Accreditation is a great addition to the services we offer and a great way to drive understanding, recognize expertise, and celebrate success. It’s fantastic to invest further in our customers with this rich suite of learning materials."

Matthew Boyd - Head of Product Voice

What’s included? 

  • University Learning Paths: A step-by-step journey guiding customers through the Unily product and its full suite of features. Tiered by knowledge stages, we’ve packaged learning into Level 100 product basics, Level 200 Intermediate aspects, and Level 300 advanced concepts.  
  • University Learning Quizzes: Utilizing Unily’s native quiz functionality, learning paths are paired with quizzes designed to test knowledge and ensure comprehension. As quizzes are successfully passed, customers will earn credits to  
  • Becoming Unily Certified: With Unily's brand-new accreditation, customers will have the opportunity to formalize product expertise and share their progress with certification badges on external professional platforms, including LinkedIn. 

Why does Professional Accreditation matter? 

Professional accreditation offers a unique and valuable opportunity to formalize learning, recognize knowledge, and celebrate success in a structured way. It can also embed adoption and increase understanding of core product capabilities.  

With industry verticals experiencing flux in the workforce, knowledge management is a hot topic. It makes sense to have a comprehensive framework to help people upskill and develop their product wisdom.  

A professional accreditation program also rewards and recognizes key achievements, fostering ongoing employee development and boosting morale. Levels of accreditation also add a layer of gamification and competition, defining who the ‘experts’ are and where to find them. 

Discover the full power of Unily 

To find out more about how Unily is leading the employee experience technology revolution, get started with a free demo of our market-leading employee experience platform. 

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