Supercharge your digital transformation strategy with cutting-edge enterprise search experiences

In this blog we explore how Unily’s new search center can supercharge your digital transformation strategy by delivering unparalleled search experiences that are highly extensible, deeply configurable and visually engaging.

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Addressing IT and digital transformation challenges

CIOs and Directors of Digital Transformation are always looking to implement transformative change through the application of technology. This technology can be aimed at solving a business problem, streamlining a process or improving customer experience, but ultimately looks to improve business performance to help achieve business objectives. Often implementing such transformative change, however, can be a lengthy and costly process.

McKinsey reports that digital workplace users spend 20 percent of their time searching for information - the equivalent of one day per week. With one of the primary goals of digital transformation strategies being to improve overall business performance, being able to reduce the amount of time spent searching by your entire employee base can result in a massive productivity boost.

As such, ‘search’ in many cases represents a huge opportunity to implement technology that can really enable your users to do their best work. Unily’s brand new unified search center empowers your people to find exactly what they’re looking for, across all your different systems, in a single search. This brand-new search capability is delivered out of the box as part of Unily’s Employee Experience Platform and can be configured quickly and easily to cover all content within your employee experience platform as well as external systems.

Search configuration

Take control with deep configuration

Enterprise-wide search experiences can be very challenging to achieve, either offering an overly simplistic setup or they can be very complex turning search optimization into a huge overhead for IT. Unily’s new unified search center lets you take granular control over search with a lower barrier to entry for achieving the perfect search experience. With the option to configure exact, prefix and fuzzy matching as well as managing the relevancy of every single content property in your employee experience platform, your users are guaranteed to find exactly what they’re looking for.

With the configurable search service covering every type of content within your employee experience platform, you can set up bespoke search experiences that cover any business scenario. So, whether that is a searchable product catalogue, with the ability to filter by product codes or dimensions, or a searchable Wiki holding all your business best practice, Unily’s unified search center represents a highly adaptable part of your search strategy.

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Integrated search experiences as an enabler for new technologies

"At least 40% of all businesses will die in the next 10 years… if they don’t figure out how to change their entire company to accommodate new technologies."

John Chambers - Executive Chairman at Cisco System

John Chambers’ comment about the requirement to adopt new technologies is staggering but we know that replacing clunky legacy tools can be costly and take time to achieve. As you plan to implement new tools, in the short term an integration strategy can help to reduce silos between legacy systems, increasing the value they bring to your business. Unily’s employee experience platform comes with a flexible integration framework at its core - Unily Connect. It allows for integration with any OAuth 2 compatible application, to ultimately give your users a single point of access to all their crucial systems. This is your opportunity to promote information aggregation across your enterprise to increase productivity.

It isn’t always digital transformation strategy that brings new tools to your business. Other scenarios, such as mergers and acquisitions, can bring new technologies into your existing IT landscape. Having a flexible cloud-based platform that can integrate those to increase their value from day one can be very powerful. Bringing employees together in one digital location can be very effective for merging cultures and increasing employee engagement but it’s equally essential for access to information.

A great user experience leads to maximum user adoption

In general, enterprise portals often fall short of the standard of consumer digital experiences. Furthermore, a bland, uninspiring look and feel could be detrimental to user experience and in turn dramatically lower adoption rates of essential technologies.

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Achieving a “Google-like” enterprise search experience in your digital workplace

In this blog we explore the benefits of a “Google-like” search experience for your digital workplace by taking full advantage of Unily’s brand-new search center. Deliver rapid access to information for your people through our exceptionally engaging and highly accessible digital experience platform.

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We feel user experience should never be an afterthought and we focus on delivering digital solutions with award-winning user experience. Unily’s search center is yet another example of our commitment to industry-leading UX. It gives your users a Google-like search experience, with the ability to tab through result types or configure filters and refiners. It will fetch results from all your integrated data repositories, so your people can experience an exceptional level of consistency across all results, and they can rest assured that they will have the same great experience on any device.

Discuss how Unily’s Employee Experience Platform can support your digital transformation strategy

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