Future of the workplace 2030+

How will technology and artificial intelligence change the way we work? What will the offices of the future look like? What skills will be valued and how can we futureproof both our business' and our personal success? Download our brand new report in partnership with Kjaer Global for answers to these questions and more...

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Unily has joined forces with prominent futurists at Kjaer Global to explore predictions for the workplace of 2030 and beyond. The Future of the Workplace 2030+ report synthesizes opinions from thought leaders and industry insiders to explore the challenges and opportunities that businesses will need to navigate over the coming decade.

Featuring interviews from renowned entrepreneur Seth Godin - as well as senior executives from global brands Shell, L'Oreal, and Mars - we discover how those individuals currently shaping the future of business see the enterprises of tomorrow operating. Underpinned by globally recognized methodology established by Kjaer Global, the report is a pioneering vision of the future workplace.

What will the Future of the Workplace 2030+ report tell you?

The Emotional Workplace - what attitudes will dominate the workplace?

The first chapter considers themes of culture, wellbeing, social capital, and trust to unpick changing attitudes to work. What will be the key drivers of change? The influx of Gen Z? A new tech/human partnership? The gig economy and the rise of the freelancer?

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The Physical Workplace - what will the offices of the future look like?

Office spaces are already changing to become more flexible and collaborative with the rise of hot-desking, co-working spaces and, of course, the digital workplace. How will this trajectory play out in 10 years time? How can we create the physical conditions to optimize our workforce in the future? 

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The Smart Workplace - how will technology and AI shape the workplace?

Understanding that technological innovation has been responsible for major societal changes for the last fifty years, we know that the same will be true in the next 10 years. How will attitudes to technology be different in 2030? What impact will investment in AI and intelligent technologies have on the workforce ecosystem? What business models will prove most resistant in this time of exponential change?

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The Purposeful Workplace - what will drive us to work?

The penultimate chapter deals with questions around the drivers of change and the concept of purpose. What will give us purpose? How will we define success? In order to prepare our businesses for tomorrow, we must understand the attitudes and behaviors that will be driving future societies and how we can create cultures and environments that are fit for purpose. 

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2020 update: work in a post-pandemic world

In the light of Covid-19 we revisited some of the major trends highlighted in the original Future of the Workplace 2030+ report (2019) to understand which trends had been accelerated, disrupted, and displaced. We revaluate the previous conclusions with a post-pandemic lens that sheds light on the most pressing questions of the current moment. Will home be the new office? Will corporate HQ be a thing of the past? What skills will be most valuable in the new world of work and why will culture be more important than ever?

Who is the report for?

Anyone seeking to prepare their business for the future; internal communicators, HR practitioners, IT specialists, business leaders, consultants, strategists, and analysts.

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