Achieving a “Google-like” enterprise search experience in your digital workplace

In this blog we explore the benefits of a “Google-like” search experience for your digital workplace by taking full advantage of Unily’s brand-new search center. Deliver rapid access to information for your people through our exceptionally engaging and highly accessible digital experience platform.

Employee using his company's digital workplace search experience

Employ a modern search experience to engage your people

The main goal for internal communicators is to unify the digital workplace by facilitating the discovery of information across the entire enterprise, eliminating silos and uniting teams. But in today’s enterprise, ever-expanding requirements and complex business cases result in an increase in the number of digital tools employed to remain on the cutting-edge, and this can make it a real challenge for users to access key information fast.

Google has revolutionized the search engine to the point where "I'll Google it" has become the industry-standard term for searching the internet. Google have got so good at search that to Google something has become synonymous with finding exactly what you’re looking for. This is precisely what digital workplace owners are looking for; the functionality to simply type and find any content from any source, instantly. The simple fact is - powerful search capabilities are the backbone to enabling productivity and engagement in the digital workplace. That's why we have introduced Unily's unified search center as an integral part of Unily's Digital Experience Cloud.

HR portal search

Engage users with Unily’s industry-leading user experiences

According to Rightpoint, 30% of website visitors won't attempt to understand the navigation of a site. Instead, they will immediately start using the internal search. Because of this, user experience is vital in engaging users with search, building a high adoption rate and creating long-term user trust.

Unily’s new unified search center encourages users to interact with search results in the same way you do with consumer-grade search engines like Google. Choose the search result view that’s right for you, switching between list or grid views with just one click. Browse different types of content from one location including your documents, internal comms articles, and even the social posts that people have left on your content or in your social channels. When search terms aren’t enough, use filters and refiners to quickly narrow down results in seconds. With all your content gathered in one place find what you need and discover what you didn’t know existed to drive both productivity and innovation.

Unily’s new unified search center can be connected to all your content stored in almost all your digital tools, letting your users truly search across everything at once. By presenting search results from all your applications in one place you can drive an amazing level of visual consistency from one set of results to the next, making it even easier for your users to understand results at a glance. Rest assured, Unily’s Employee Experience Platform is underpinned by an award-winning user experience engine, ensuring your users will have the same fantastic search experience across any device, at any time.

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A central location delivering rapid access to information

"Employees spend 1.8 hours every day—9.3 hours per week, on average—searching and gathering information. Put another way, businesses hire 5 employees but only 4 shows up to work; the fifth is off searching for answers, but not contributing any value."


One factor slowing your workforce down could be having to move from system to system to search for different content, and another could well be the performance of your different tools.

The page load speed benchmark is widely thought to be two seconds. Pingdom have shown that pages that load within two seconds have an average bounce rate of 9%, while pages that load in five seconds have a bounce rate of 38%. By keeping your users searching from one central location and using a search center that delivers incredible performance, not only do results load super-fast but your people also know exactly where to go to get what they need.  

integration search

Tailored search experiences for any scenario

With Unily’s Employee Experience Platform you can set up bespoke search experiences targeted to different business audiences or to serve various business use cases. Whether using Unily as an intranet software, or as a platform to deliver solutions with more unique purposes, you can serve the perfect search experience every time. You could, for instance, configure individual search centers in the following scenarios:

  • Improve efficiency with a sales enablement portal. Set up the go to sales hub for your salespeople where they can easily manage their contracts, accounts and new leads.
  • Empower your digital workforce with an HR dedicated portal. Give your employees complete peace of mind with handy access to policies, procedures and employee FAQs.
  • Boost your customer experience (CX) scores with an exclusive customer portal. Engage your customers with exciting new product offerings, services and invaluable help guides.
intranet portal search

Want to see what amazing search experiences look like?

Contact us and register for a free demo of Unily’s Employee Experience Platform and experience the benefits of next gen search experiences for your enterprise.

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