The 5-year journey of Informa’s digital transformation

At this year's Gartner EMEA Digital Workplace Summit, Informa's Digital Communications Manager, Joe Dilieto, joins Unily's Matthew Boyd to reveal behind-the-scenes of the FTSE 100 company's five-year journey with the Unily platform. Discover how digital transformation changed the way Informa operate, collaborate, and engage, from managing mergers and acquisitions to fueling year-on-year growth.

Unite. Grow. Iterate: Informa's 5-year digital transformation journey

With 10k+ employees, over 100 global offices, and five business divisions from Sydney to Sao Paulo and everywhere in-between, Informa operate at the heart of the knowledge and information economy.

After five years of digital transformation and growth supported by the Unily employee experience platform, Joe Dileto joins Matthew Boyd, host of the Unily podcast, to look at the past, present, and future of Informa’s digital workplace journey covering everything from mergers and acquisitions to rapid change and year-on-year growth.

Watch the session for free on-demand to learn how a FTSE 100 business leveraged their intranet over five years to:

  • Drive digital transformation
  • Oversee mergers and acquisitions
  • Manage rapid change
  • Facilitate year-on-year growth
  • Foster community and culture
  • Reshape the way knowledge flows through a complex global organization
  • Break down business silos
  • Ultimately form one, united Informa

Meet the speakers

Joe Dilieto - Digital Communications Manager at Informa

Joe Dilieto is a bonafide digital leader with over 20 years experience in digital information and transformation, consulting with external customers and in-house stakeholders to build more connected, open, and productive workspaces. From SharePoint 2010 through to the cutting-edge solutions we see today, Joe's overseen radical shifts in the workplace technology space and managed migrations on a global scale for a FTSE 100 enterprise.

Matthew Boyd - Product Evangelist at Unily

Matthew has a decade of experience working with the world's largest enterprises to solve communications challenges and bring their employee experience visions to life. Now working within the product marketing team, Matthew works to develop new product features that ensure Unily's roadmap innovates to meet the needs of employees and their enterprises.

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