Unily’s all new unified enterprise search center is here

Introducing Unily’s unified search center - simply search and find relevant content, with a Google-like search experience for your enterprise. In this blog we explore the main benefits of a new unified search center delivered through Unily’s Employee Experience Platform.

Introducing all new enterprise-grade search experiences

With the rapidly increasing scope of today’s enterprise digital landscape, and content stored across a broad range of applications, providing instant access to business-critical information is crucial to enabling your people to do their jobs effectively. According to the International Data Corporation, today’s worker spends 30% of their workday searching for information. We know first-hand the importance of an accurate and powerful search in the enterprise for keeping users connected and informed. Since Unily’s Employee Experience Platform launched 4 years ago we’ve had:

  • More than 57 million searches
  • Now averaging 2.9 million searches a month
  • With every other log in resulting in at least 1 search

With Unily’s new unified search center, we’re confronting the ever-present challenge faced by the modern enterprise:

“With so much information stored across so many systems, how can our people get to what they need, fast?”

Enterprise search capability

Unily’s unified search center delivers enterprise-grade search experiences that can super-charge your search strategy and help you achieve a “Google-like” search experience. Incredibly powerful and effortlessly configurable, Unily’s unified search center will help your people cut through the noise to get to the information they need in seconds.

Exceptional user experiences that are simple to interpret

Unily’s unified search center makes it easier than ever for your users to find exactly what they’re looking for. Content and information from different sources sit as tabs at the top of the search center for quick switching, while filters and refiners sit to the left of the page for drilling further down into your search results. With configurable item templates you have complete control over the design of your results, ensuring that all essential information is presented to your users at a glance and in a way that is quick and easy to digest. 

Exceptional user experiences

Fine tune and configure your perfect search experience

Unily’s Employee Experience Platform is highly configurable and offers a great deal of extensibility to meet the demands of each unique business. And as every business is different, so too is the information and content that they need to make available to their people. Unily’s Employee Experience Platform gives you full control over the data sources that you connect to your search center, including what sort options and refiners are available to your users. In addition, solution admins will have the flexibility to manage their configurable search service, allowing them to fine tune how content is ranked and returned in results. Choose whether you’d like to increase the importance of a specific property on a content type or manage the tolerance level for search errors directly from the CMS.

Configure Enterprise search

Integration powered by Unily Connect

In the Definitive Guide to America’s Most Broken Processes, Nintex’s survey shows that 49% of full-time employees, across various industries and departments, have trouble locating documents. One contributing factor could be that documents are frequently stored across various enterprise applications. Managing this can be a significant challenge but with Unily’s integration framework, you can connect external data sources to your search center. Regardless of how complicated your set up, take advantage of all your existing content through the use of secure web APIs. That means that whether you are searching a ServiceNow wiki or contracts stored in Salesforce, your users will always have a central hub to find everything they need.

ServiceNow integration

What can Unily’s search center do for your business?

If you’re looking to try out our new unified search center, why not register for our free demo?

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