Commonwealth Care Alliance and Unily win big at Inspiring Workplace Awards

Commonwealth Care Alliance has taken home the gold at the Inspiring Workplace Awards. Discover how the nonprofit healthcare organization collaborated with Unily to launch CommonGround, an all-encompassing intranet that underpins the enterprise’s transformative approach to member care.

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Commonwealth Care Alliance and Unily receive top nods

Inspiring Workplace Awards (formerly the Employee Engagement Awards) are designed to spotlight enterprises that go the extra mile to drive positive change in the workplace. Since 2014, the awards have recognized thousands of organizations across the globe who are driving excellence through wellbeing, EX, culture change, diversity, innovation, and communication.

This year’s awards saw Commonwealth Care Alliance (CCA) beat out a host of noteworthy competitors to take home the gold in the Inspiring Experience category, which recognizes those that have driven significant business transformation by improving employee experience. In Commonwealth Care Alliance’s case, a redesigned intranet that eliminates silos has empowered the organization to serve their 35k members better and more efficiently.

Additionally, Unily has been Highly Commended in the award's Inspiring Workplace Vendor category, focusing on the efforts and achievements of external vendors that provide technology to transform employee experience for their clients.

An inside look at the project

Commonwealth Care Alliance’s intranet, CommonGround, earned recognition for its ability to unlock niche expertise and fuel more efficient workflows. Prior to partnering with Unily, Commonwealth Care Alliance relied on a legacy intranet built on SharePoint 2010 that was only accessible via their company network.

Commonwealth Care Alliance knowledge hub

CCA is a not-for-profit, community-based healthcare organization dedicated to improving care for individuals who are dually eligible for MassHealth (Medicaid) and Medicare with complex medical, behavioral health, and social needs, including those with disabilities. 

With more than half of its workforce comprised of clinicians working in the field, the organization sought a mobile-accessible solution that would ensure key knowledge was always within reach. CommonGround is not only fully mobile responsive but also includes a Knowledge Hub with Decision Support Tools, Standards of Practice, and Reference Guides to provide clinicians with streamlined access to intel.

Thanks to an intuitive user interface and superior search capabilities, the process of clinicians finding the resources they need is easier than ever. This translates to every member’s ideal experience, as clinicians are equipped with cutting-edge knowledge which they can use to deliver top-of-the-line results in a timely fashion.

Commonwealth Care Alliance homepage on mobile

The results speak for themselves

The launch of CommonGround has paved the way for an era of best-practice client services fueled by a workforce of inspired team members. In the words of one employee:

"I can’t wait to regularly refer clinicians to the new intranet because I believe when they find how user-friendly it is they will return each and every time. This will add to their needed knowledge base and lessen the amount of direction they need from a supervisor leading to more independence for a variety of tasks."

Physical therapist at Commonwealth Care Alliance

In addition to glowing reviews, CommonGround has achieved a near-universal adoption rate of 98%. Close to 1k users regularly access CommonGround’s social channels, illustrating the role that the platform plays in cultivating connectivity amongst a workforce that is frequently on-the-go. 

Are you ready to add your name to the winner’s list?

While Commonwealth Care Alliance is our first client to win big at Inspiring Workplaces, we have a well-honed track record of partnerships that receive top honors. From Dynacare ranking amongst Nielsen Norman’s top 10 intranets to our recent Ragan wins, our clients continue to gain recognition for their next-generation platforms. If you’re interested in earning a spot on the podium, get in touch with our digital workplace experts.

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