New to Unily! Azure Active Directory Group Integration

The Unily CMS (Content Management System) permissions model, updated last year, revolutionized the way that our customers manage access to intranet content, giving users granular control over who can be given what level of access and to which content. Building on these improvements, we’re excited to announce that CMS users are now able to use groups from Azure Active Directory to secure the CMS, as well as Sites and Pages on the front end of Unily.

Put simply, Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is an application that keeps track of an organization's user accounts, passwords, and other user information (role, manager, etc). Any time an employee joins or leaves the organization or changes a role, this information is updated in Azure AD first as a result. In addition to storing individual user information, Azure AD also allows IT Administrators to create user groups, all of which can now be surfaced in the Unily CMS.

Why is this important?

This is a huge time saver for content managers who are managing security groups in the CMS, as all user groups can now be synced directly from Azure AD, rather than having to be recreated within Unily’s CMS. With this enhancement, all you need to do is select the AD group and assign it to a security role.

When a user is added, removed or modified in the Azure AD group, the user group in the CMS is automatically updated. This means you only need to update the information in one place, reducing the chance for an employee to be assigned to the wrong group. For example, if you want to give only the Marketing department access to their own department site, and you already have a Marketing group in Azure AD, you will find this has synced with the CMS and is ready to be actioned.

How does it work?

Users simply select the new ‘Add AD group’ button when managing permissions in the CMS. 


A flyout will be presented allowing you to scroll through, search and select one or more AD Security groups. These groups are then added to the existing permissions table.

For some using Unily, the all-new Azure AD Group integration will already be available on your Unily portal. If it isn’t yet, speak to your Customer Success Manager to find out when it will be available to you. If you’re not a Unily customer, and you’d like to learn more about empowering your organization to do more, or to arrange a demo to see this new feature in action, contact us today.

P.S. Have you seen our announcement on the new targeted homepage feature in Unily? Read up on the brand new functionality here. We are certain you are going to love it just as much as we do…

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