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In this series, we look at potential integrations with Unily. By taking advantage of Unily Connect, you can unite your digital landscape and provide a single pane of glass experience for all your users. Our one-stop-shop approach will result in more consistent and efficient user experiences for your users, which in turn will increase platform adoption and productivity. This week's article will focus on integration with Zoom, a leading video communications cloud platform.

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Unily and Zoom integration

Integrating applications with Unily Connect lets you cut through the noise created by multiple systems, streamlines logging in by having a single sign-on, and provides one highly polished, consistent user experience across your entire digital landscape. Below we highlight some of the potential benefits for your business when integrating Unily with Zoom.

Promote collaboration with Zoom video meetings

In today's tumultuous climate, new ways of working involve adopting dynamic methods of collaborating with colleagues. Simply put, no longer are emails fast or interactive enough to cope with modern-day communications challenges, with the average worker receiving an excess of 121 emails a day. Having easy access to video calls and video meetings from your digital workplace gives you a decided advantage.

With Unily and integration to Zoom, you can cut down on unnecessary expenditure and organize video meetings at your convenience. Create more opportunities for people to join your meetings, who may not otherwise be available, or have the budget to travel. By integrating, you can also view your upcoming meetings with ease by showcasing them on your Unily homepage. 

Save time by streaming meetings directly from the comforts of your Unily homepage. Set up your hub precisely as you see fit, by employing Unily's flexible grid and widget framework. Internal communicators, for instance, can bring social feeds and the latest news to the forefront so they can stay informed while interviewing their CEO for the latest insights.

Unily Connect integrations Zoom meetings This is an example of what could be possible using the Unily integration framework.

Create engaging Zoom webinars with ease

Studies suggest that 20-40% of webinar attendees turn into qualified leads. Webinars, then, are crucial in interacting with your target group; your chance to educate and inform while listening and responding to their questions. Integrate Zoom with Unily and experience instant access to webinar management, from seeing your participants to answering questions directly on your Unily homepage or dedicated webinar landing page. 

Check your calendar and view your webinar schedule, then plan accordingly to create the most engaging webinar. Employ Unily's powerful enterprise-wide search center to discover the insights you need. Then add your key documents to a tile on your landing page, for seamless access before and during the webinar.

Later, you might come away with questions that require research for a follow-up webinar. Why not pose them to your social channels and improve collaboration with the subject matter experts in your organization. View their responses in a social tile that you position on your landing page. Alternatively, search Unily's people directory to find colleagues whose knowledge may add a different, eye-opening dimension to your presentation.

This is an example of what could be possible using the Unily integration framework.

Increase collaboration with Zoom chat and file sharing

The rise of instant messaging has been staggering. Facebook's messaging apps (including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram) have a total of 2.9 billion users each month. Consider how many times a day you use instant messaging - it has become the new favored form of communication in the 21st century. Faster than email, it allows for more personal and direct responses. Emails today resemble more the form of a chat than the finely crafted letters of old.

By integrating Zoom into Unily, you can offer your people access to instant messaging anywhere on their digital workplace. Employ instant messaging for a wide range of use cases, including having easy access to conversing with key contacts when onboarding new starters. Go further and offer easy access to relevant Zoom groups by featuring them on your landing page. Take advantage of Unily's unified search center to swiftly locate any files you shared in your Zoom groups.

Coupled with Unily's social features, integrating with Zoom gives you a comprehensive communications platform for sharing the latest news and essential updates. Invite your colleagues via your Unily people directory to your Zoom groups to extend your reach.

Unily Connect integrations Zoom instant messaging This is an example of what could be possible using the Unily integration framework.

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