Unleash agility. Introducing Unily's Feature Store.

Taking inspiration from the consumer playbook, Unily's intranet Feature Store simplifies the delivery of powerful experiences and increases the agility of enterprises to react and respond to change, fast. The Feature Store enables plug-and-play installation of pre-configured, community-driven features, so you can rapidly adapt the look, feel, and functionality of your employee experience platform.

Plug-and-play features

With plug-and-play features, you can roll out new solutions to your intranet platform faster than ever. Select from a library of pre-configured features to create experiences without lengthy development times. Bypass the release cycles associated with other SaaS products and respond to challenges fast.

Plug and play features

Essential integrations, simplified

Your employee experience platform must connect with the rest of your enterprise technology, bringing everything to your people's fingertips. Simplify the integration process with pre-configured features, installed into your platform within minutes, not months.

React and respond rapidly

Adapt your platform to rise to new challenges in an instant. The Feature Store allows you to respond to change quickly, installing new features as soon as you need them. During times of uncertainty, your employee experience platform can be fully loaded to ensure your organization is ready to respond to change.

Install urgent features

Community driven innovation

New features are added to the Feature Store continuously. Many new features start as ideas given to us by our customers. Our community portal Universe includes an ideation hub where customers can post and upvote ideas for new features that will be reviewed by our product development team and added to our roadmap.

Universe ideation
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