Why do I need a digital workplace?

When it comes to adopting any form of technology, it’s important to address your organization’s needs. The nature of a digital workplace is that it solves a myriad of internal issues from communication to collaboration and multilingual challenges.

Our experience is that, at a top-level, most organizations are looking to tackle similar challenges including employee engagement, internal communications, and productivity. Adopting a digital workplace will bring different benefits to your organization depending on your specific objectives, but, ultimately, the aim is to unify your teams, enhance your employees’ experiences, and boost productivity.

Over the years, we’ve helped our clients tackle a variety of pain points from siloed and disengaged teams to a much more widespread lack of unity and cohesive mindset. We’ve compiled a handful of them here to help you build a business case for adopting a digital workplace.

Learn everything you need to know about the digital workplace

“Our teams are siloed and don’t collaborate”

At its core, a digital workplace is a place for collaboration and productivity. Whether your teams are siloed because of how they work or where they work, a digital workplace is a virtual environment where employees from different departments can come together and work collaboratively on documents or projects.

A digital workplace helps break down barriers including physical location, language barriers, or even time zones by effectively placing the team in a 24/7 virtual office. Teams can simultaneously work on the same documents and hold open and constructive conversations to iterate and evolve projects over time.

“Our systems have a negative effect on productivity”

Sometimes even the best systems and software can become a drain on resources when used in isolation. This can become especially true when you have multiple teams working in different locations and with different systems. This is where a digital workplace comes in.

By creating a single, unified place where your teams can access all of your systems, documents, and software, you enable employees to collaborate with other teams without compromising their existing workflows.

This centralized resource means that all of your teams, from marketing to sales and customer services to IT, can use the systems and processes they need whilst enabling seamless hand-off between teams, unrestricted collaboration, and integrated internal communications all in one place.

colleagues collaborating on their digital workplace via a tablet

“Employee turnover is high”

High employee churn can be an expensive cost for a large organization. That’s why it’s vital to stay on top of this and maintain an experience that promotes employee satisfaction and wellbeing.

A digital workplace can help enhance your employees’ experience in a number of ways. By creating a frictionless experience day to day with access to internal knowledge bases and centralized resources you can empower your employees and ensure that they feel productive and efficient.

A digital workplace also provides a sense of community, making your teams feel connected and included. With remote working becoming more and more commonplace, this is particularly important as employees can often become isolated increasing their chances of looking for a new job.

“We can’t keep up with technical evolution”

The pace of digital transformation can often seem incredibly rapid. For some larger organizations, the sheer number of systems and teams can make keeping on top of technological change a daunting task. Different systems update and change at different rates and integrations can change or break over time.

Our digital workplace is designed to help you in this respect, and not just become another source of problems. Not only do we connect to a huge range of systems and apps, but we constantly stay on top of how these systems function and integrate with your digital workplace.

All of which means your employees can continue to work from a single, unified virtual environment without fear of integration issues.

Find out more about Unily’s digital workplace

Ultimately, a digital workplace is a virtual environment that enables your teams to focus on what they do best instead of struggling with inefficient systems. We want to enable your teams to work smarter, experience less friction in their daily workflow, and become more productive. Find out more about what Unily’s digital workplace could do for your organization by contacting our experts today.


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