Unily 2018 Digital Workplace Productivity Survey

Productivity is a critical business issue. Improving employee output is a precondition for growth. Without driving ever-greater efficiency and flexibility, organizations risk stagnation and dwindling revenues.

Employees using a Unily digital workplace for improved productivity

Our unique industry-wide survey will ask how your digital workplace platform can help improve your employees' productivity.

Today, across the board, productivity remains a difficult issue to improve. Economists all over continue to argue why. Some think without investment in training and upskilling, any potential benefits from introducing new technology will be lost if staff are unable to work out how to use it to their advantage. Others argue that in heavily regulated industries such as the financial services sector, the added pressure of work that must adhere to complex but necessary compliance and regulatory processes and procedures can also dampen output. While in the services sector overall, opinions vary as to how to measure productivity (as rate of output) because it is notoriously hard to quantify in any tangible sense. This unique survey will help plan your future investment and unlock its value, by answering the following questions:

  • Which technologies are least and most popular?
  • What types of work do these technologies support best?
  • What barriers need to be overcome to unlock their productive potential?

The report will be first published EXCLUSIVELY to Unily Success late in 2018.

It will provide you with analysis with commentary from leading experts, concluding with a set of actionable recommendations.

The survey will take no more than ten minutes to complete. No names, personal details or company information will be collected or used in the analysis. 

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