Digital workplace adoption guide: everything you need to know

Adoption is about understanding how well your digital workplace platform – that includes your intranet, social tools like Yammer, connected apps, tools, and processes – is being used by your staff helping justify further investment.

In particular, intranets (as one aspect of the broad suite of digital workplace technologies) tend to suffer from low levels of usage once they’ve been launched when the initial period of excitement has ebbed away, leaving managers and business stakeholders perplexed as to how to get more employees using them.

In a nutshell, there are three kinds of adoption issues. These stem from a gap in expectations of what business value can be derived from digital workplace solutions, and how they can help staff transform their work. These include:

1. When the value these technologies provide, from both business and staff perspectives, have not been thoroughly understood or communicated.

2.When not all staff find them useful (or valuable) from day one, especially in organisations and businesses with many thousands of staff spread across the globe. 

3.When there is a strong expectation to measure activity that does not correspond with how these tools contribute towards the business strategy or bottom-line.

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