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Although it hasn’t been long since Unily launched the Journeys capability, V16 of the product is already here to give this much loved feature a boost. We’re taking a closer look at this upgrade, why it’s important for employee experience, and what it means for the Unily platform.


Testament to Unily’s continued evolution

Before we dig a little deeper, it’s worth pointing out that it’s a matter of a few months since we launched Journeys – and now we’ve already made improvements. That’s a fast innovation curve! It also demonstrates the swift pace and dynamic approach of Unily’s innovation roadmap, as we continue to advance our capabilities – listening to our customers, understanding the market, and exploring creative solutions for employee experience.

Employee Journeys

Design and sequence intuitive, structured journeys that elevate the employee experience and enable your people at every stage of their careers. Craft coherent journeys that weave disjointed content into a seamless narrative, taking your people from where they are, to where they need to be.

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Engaging audiences at scale

A key part of the engagement equation is moving employees towards impactful goals. The enhancements to Journeys launched as part of V16 have the power to make it easier and faster to design and execute intuitive flows so they can get there.

It’s now easier for you and your team to deploy journeys, sharpens the accuracy of targeting, and improves how engaging your journey itself is.

Better visibility of every step

Easily curate engaging, structured journeys with Milestones and Steps to guide employees towards key goals in the front-end. Milestones and steps will offer increased visibility of the full journey, improving engagement and completion of key events.

We know that journeys need to be super clear on the front-end and obvious at first glance. By showing the journeys you’re enrolled in on the front-end, a detailed view of next actions, and a list of completed actions you get a crystal clear visual of where you are so you’re never lost.

Replicate great engagement every time

This is further enhanced with Journey copying so you don’t have to go back to the drawing board every time. Rapid journey copying will make it less time-consuming to replicate great experiences for sub-segments of your audience.

Intuitively lean on your people data

With the latest improvement to Journeys, you can seamlessly deploy employees into accurate audiences using Active Directory (AD) Groups. This will ensure laser-like personalization by leveraging a single source of truth.

The improvements to journeys are especially relevant for the HR workforce and those in digital transformation roles, but they’re applicable to a wide range of the business.

Comms that won’t overwhelm your workforce

With lower engagement due to the rise of hybrid working, ever increasing employee expectations, and a workforce feeling the comms overload, it’s more important than ever to get strategic with your comms.

With journey copying, you can vastly improve the quantity of orchestrated journeys. Quickly and easily duplicate and target to sub-segments of audiences. You’ll also be able to improve the accuracy of your targeting by automatically adding users using AD Groups. More clearly showcase employee journeys on the front-end, making employees fully in the know about which journeys they’re enrolled on.

These enhancements to the journeys capability will vastly reduce feelings of overwhelm across your workforce and drive higher engagement with the things that matter.

The journey to elevate HR content

Engagement, retention, and improving time to value for the workforce are top priorities for the HR function. In the modern age it’s becoming increasingly important to digitalize the employee lifecycle and exceed employee expectations. With the improved milestones and steps, you’ll be able to create an ongoing segmented journey programme to engage employees at scale.

HR teams will also be able to save valuable time and effort by using AD groups to intuitively add users, deploying accurate personalization every time.

Automate key journeys and alleviate IT challenges

With Unily’s new and improved journeys functionality, business level automation will reduce strain on IT resources. It will also be much easier to upskill and train employees on important tools and processes with guided milestones and steps.

Fragmented UX and convoluted tooling can often drive IT support tickets sky-high. When employees can be added easily with AD Groups, a better user experience is provided and support requests are reduced.

Journeys for digital transformation

Milestones and steps, and journey copying will make it easier to design better journeys at scale. Not only will this drive better adoption of the intranet, but it’ll also save time and effort for a range of stakeholders using your digital workplace.

Digital transformation projects requiring business or behavioral change will be positively impacted too. Why not utilize milestones and steps in thoughtfully designed journeys to achieve better outcomes, no matter how complex the digital transformation project might be.

Fine-tuned journeys for top-speed results

Whether you’re revamping organizational onboarding and need to ensure watertight accuracy with AD Groups, delivering cultural value journeys at scale with intuitive copying, or engaging an unsteady workforce through an acquisition with clear milestones and steps, Unily’s journey capability is a tool you shouldn’t overlook.

Watch our V16 launch webinar on-demand to learn more about this exciting release, and how you could make it real in your world.


Unily V16 launch: Trajectory for the future

The launchpad is heating up for Unily's upcoming version release, where we'll be unlocking our newest innovations for the employee experience era. Hear from our product innovation team as they lift the lid on the latest and greatest AI capability, analytics excellence, and exciting improvements fit for the future. Discover the power of AI content creation, intelligent summaries, and reimagined analytics.

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Aislinn Logan - Product Marketing Manager

By Aislinn Logan

Product Marketing Manager

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