Unily V16 launch: Trajectory for the future

The launchpad is heating up for Unily's upcoming version release, where we'll be unlocking our newest innovations for the employee experience era. Hear from our product innovation team as they lift the lid on the latest and greatest AI capability, analytics excellence, and exciting improvements fit for the future. Discover the power of AI content creation, intelligent summaries, and reimagined analytics.

Unlocking our newest innovations for the employee experience era

Unily is dedicated to ambitious innovation and the evolution of our product. We’re shaping our platform to deliver a holistic digital workplace experience that employees love to be in, with a market-leading enterprise communications capability to boot. Unily Version 16 is nearly here, and it’s got some incredible new capabilities loaded on its rocket.

Our innovation team has been laser-focused on crafting a rich suite of new features and enhancements that are sure to delight our customers. A hot topic the world over, AI-enabled features are this release’s A-list stars. The AI Publishing Assistant and AI Summarization elevate the experience of Unily for all users, paving the way for truly hyper-personalized engagement. Revitalized analytics in V16 further add to Unily’s capacity to drive employee experience growth.

On the agenda

This webinar focuses on our brand-new features and how you can best use them to elevate your Unily experience. Some of the important additions include:

  • AI Publishing Assistant: Conjure rich stories that emulate brand voice in seconds. Craft a flawless narrative that truly resonates in any context. Finesse tone of voice and formality so every message can be as thoughtful as the next. Enable lengthening, shortening, summarizing, simplifying with smart editors, or intuitively improve content so every big story can be fine-tuned for impact.
  • AI Summarization: Condense lengthy articles, documents, or other content into concise and coherent summaries. These snappy digests capture the essence of the material in a flash, creating an instant AI summary of the content with a single click or one tap. 
  • Analytics Remaster: Comprehensive and visual analytics dashboards with advanced metadata for every unique company, providing easier interpretation into your site engagement. Gain oversight of granular shifts in employee usage so you can fine-tune your strategy for all-important incremental gains.
  • Elevated Journeys (Amplify): Curate engaging, structured journeys with the release of Milestones and Steps which guide employees towards key goals. With AD Groups, you’ll be able to seamlessly and consistently target employees into accurate audiences and Journey copying will allow you to rapidly create new experiences for sub-segments of audiences.

Meet your speaker

Aislinn Logan – Product Marketing Manager, Product Voice

Aislinn helps drive understanding of our product for Unily’s customers, people, and market. She is responsible for running product marketing campaigns for key new features, versions of the product, and strategic initiatives. Her work helps empower teams to achieve value with practical resources, whilst optimizing product exposure across key touchpoints in the market and nurturing significant relationships.

Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is for our customers who are using Unily to drive higher engagement and more successful business outcomes and for those who want to understand how Unily is evolving. We want you to be fully equipped to use the entire Unily toolset and gain fluency in our feature-set so you can unlock the full power of the platform.

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