How to remove silos with an employee experience platform

A silo forms when a business’s culture has devolved to the extent that different teams and departments cannot work effectively with each other. A company usually has one ultimate goal. But if many different departments are working towards that goal without sharing their respective information and expertise, this can be referred to as silo mentality.

Series of industrial silos representative of silos developing in business culture where departments fail to work together

The sharing of information through a digital platform is vital. Communication has experienced a technological revolution since the turn of the century, but silos, friction and discombobulation still proliferate business environments. One method to remove silos from large businesses is the incorporation of an Employee Experience Platform.

If your business is struggling with interdepartmental inefficiency, it is important to be aware of how an employee experience platform can help eradicate silos. Enabling communication through increased personalization and accessibility is the key to unlocking the potential of your enterprise. Outlined below are a few of the key issues and fixes that can aid your future business endeavors.

Improving employee experience

The effectiveness of a company comes down to the ability of employees to execute their tasks. Things can start out great, but over time you may see inefficiencies and bad habits form. With so much of your employees’ time being spent online, it is important that they are furnished with the correct tools to do their job.

Ultimately, silos form when employees are finding it difficult to work together. Miscommunication and friction can be frustrating for everyone involved and usually never yield good business results. Collaboration between departments in the information age is best facilitated by good digital technology. You will see an increase in productivity when employees are able to work effectively through an employee experience platform.

Some areas of employee experience that could be improved by an Employee Experience Platform include communication, accessibility and personalization. These three areas are vital in ensuring that your employees can experience a silo-free digital workplace. It is important to make an employee’s time online as stress-free and valuable as possible.

Breaking down silos

Smart investment can improve your business prospects and the work lives of your employees. A considered Employee Experience Platform will work to centralize information, simplify communication and increase the search capabilities of your employees. Within a business, communication and knowledge are of the utmost importance. A silo occurs when these areas are not being properly facilitated.

Enhancing internal communication

An Employee Experience Platform is a great way of enhancing communication within your business. Unily is aware of the global nature of enterprise and have designed a digital experience platform to cater to international communication. Unily’s multilingual platform can easily be translated into over 20 languages. An Employee Experience Platform also enables fast communication through social channels and internal communication tools. These tools will allow communication between departments and the alignment of your corporate message throughout the organization.

Creating a personalized experience

It is also important to have a digital workplace that can be tailored and personalized to different users. The responsibilities and experience of your employees will vary, and a good employee experience platform should cater to the needs of every employee. Unily’s employee experience platform is powered by an easy-to-use experience engine which enables your internal comms team to quickly create amazing user experiences without needing to involve IT.

Sharing information through smart searches

Silos can form when information is not easily accessible. A digital experience platform aims to eliminate lengthy and fruitless searches. If you want to help your employees cut through the noise, then an employee experience platform is ideal. Powerful search capabilities should be implemented within your employee experience platform to enable employees to make quick, targeted and detailed searches to get all the information they need.

Integrating with existing tools

Your employees are probably already using a number of digital tools. A good employee experience platform should provide integration with the tools that are already in use at your workplace. This ensures that the workflow is not interrupted by introducing a digital platform. Your employee experience platform will centralize everything so that employees can continue to use their tools alongside new and exciting features.

Choosing the right employee experience platform for you

At Unily, we are focused on streamlining user experience and improving the digital touchpoints of businesses. Inevitably, when companies grow, silos can form that inhibit further growth and improvement. We noticed this and decided to do something about it. Unily's Employee Experience Platform targets communication, accessibility and personalization to provide an improved system of workflow in your business.

It is important to remove silos and replace them with methods and processes that will make your business more efficient. The most effective way to do this is through a tried and tested DXP. Unily's Digital Experience Platform is a complete solution that can successfully breakdown silos within an organization.

As outlined above, employees are the focus when it comes to implementing a DXP. Securing the success of a company often comes down to dealing with the nitty-gritty. The daily experience of an employee can be improved by streamlining tasks and making their digital experience stress free. Unily's Employee Experience Platform is the best way to remove silos in your business culture.

If you would like to know more about Unily's Employee Experience Platform and discuss the many possibilities it can offer your business, do get in touch with our team of experts.

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