Unily clients shortlisted in 7 categories for Inspiring Workplaces awards

Unily clients have been shortlisted in 7 categories at the North American Inspiring Workplace Awards for projects based on their intranet. From Samuel & Son’s culture-building success to our own accolade as a Best Vendor finalist, discover how our finalists are creating inspiring workplaces with a modern employee experience platform.

Employees celebrate winning an intranet award

Cultivating inspiration in the workplace

The Inspiring Workplace Awards are designed to spotlight enterprises that go the extra mile to drive positive change in the workplace. Employee experience continues to allude many leaders; although 80% of executives deem it very important, just 22% believe their companies excel at building a differentiated employee experience.

By shedding light on innovative engagement tactics and groundbreaking strategies, the Inspiring Workplace Awards are an opportunity to lead by example and learn from colleagues’ best practices. This year’s finalists comprise enterprises from a cross-section of industries, including four Unily clients.

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Meet the finalists: What does it take to create an inspiring workplace?

Unily’s track record at the Inspiring Workplace Awards is off to an impressive start, with four clients shortlisted in six categories. Additionally, Unily has been selected as finalist in the Best Vendor category, designed to spotlight exemplary enterprise experience providers.

#1. J.J. Keller & Associates shortlisted for Employer Brand and Workplace of the Year

J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc. works with 90% of Fortune 1000 companies to help ensure that workplaces are safe, productive, and compliant. To provide their employees with the same level of innovative technology that their clients have grown accustomed to, J.J. Keller opted to launch a redesigned intranet for their 1.5K associates called K-LINE.

The enterprise’s new intranet takes associate experience to the next level by carving out ample opportunity for end-users to share their feedback and connect with peers. K-LINE feedback forms source key insights while social channels drive conversation and collaboration. During COVID-19, J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc. took these efforts a step further by launching a Social Distancing Snapshot site with a Facebook-like feed.

In the words of J.J. Keller’s President & CEO, Rustin Keller, “K-LINE as our centralized hub for associate engagement has allowed for more interactive, two-way communication. This has been especially important in connecting with the 90% of our associates working from home during safer at home orders. In article comments and social streams, we can see and respond to their thoughts in open, online conversations, which helps us be transparent about how the company is proactively addressing the pandemic.”

jj keller intranet homepage

#2. Samuel, Son & Co. shortlisted for Culture & Purpose and Innovation in the Workplace

Less than one year ago, leading metals and industrial products manufacturer, Samuel, Son & Co. Ltd, turned to Unily to launch a modern intranet that would underpin the enterprise’s transition to an agile culture. The debut of The Torch, Samuel’s new platform, has supported the organization through a period of expansion and empowered employees to raise their voice.

To maximize two-way communications and keep every employee on the same page, Samuel now publishes monthly leadership calls as video content on The Torch. These meetings, which had previously been restricted to 150 of the enterprise’s senior-most employees, are now an opportunity for everyone to submit questions, share ideas, and connect with colleagues.

The platform has been met with much acclaim, as illustrated by a quote from Daniela Todaro, Sales Manager: “Being able to watch the monthly leadership huddles and having access to information updated on The Torch is not only changing the way we operate but how we think. There’s been an infusion of positive energy throughout the organization and it continues to grow stronger.”

samuel intranet leadership huddle

#3. Wolverine Worldwide shortlisted for Best Use of Technology

As one of the world’s leading marketers and licensors of branded footwear and apparel, Wolverine Worldwide has an established global footprint that spans approximately 170 countries and employs about 3.8k staff based all over the world. The enterprise launched a refreshed corporate intranet called WeConnect to bring users together under one centralized communications and engagement platform.

With more than 70 content contributors, WeConnect showcases the very best of each brand within Wolverine Worldwide’s dynamic portfolio. To create a close-knit feel amongst all colleagues, the enterprise’s Corporate Communications team launched a weekly Employee Spotlight feature. A special page on the intranet compiles all previously published spotlights, providing users with a go-to source for learning more about their peers.

wolverine intranet brand homepage

#4. Commonwealth Care Alliance shortlisted for The Experience Award

Commonwealth Care Alliance is a not-for-profit, community-based healthcare organization with a mission to provide an unparalleled standard of care to their 37k members. To drive employee engagement and encourage cross-functional collaboration, the organization opted to launch an intranet that would unite users around core goals.

With approximately 50% of Commonwealth Care Alliance’s workforce comprised of clinicians working in the field, accessibility and efficiency were top priorities for their new intranet. CommonGround is fully mobile responsive and includes a Knowledge Hub to provide field workers with streamlined access to crucial resources. An intuitive user interface and advanced search capabilities ensure that key documents are always at employees’ fingertips.

cca intranet homepage

A year of big wins

From Dynacare’s inclusion in Nielsen Norman’s top ten intranets to Trivallis’s win at the European Employee Engagement Awards, 2020 has been a year of recognition for Unily despite the challenges we collectively face. With issues of culture and inspiration at the heart of many difficult conversations about the new world of work, recognizing the ability of technology to overcome these challenges has never been more crucial. Inspiring Workplace’s winners will be announced virtually in August.

Reinvent inspiration at your workplace

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