How technology can power diversity and inclusion in the workplace

The social movements of 2020 cemented a worldwide shift in attitude towards diversity and inclusion, both outside of the workplace and within. Technology presents us with new opportunities to create more inclusive workplaces by supporting and promoting diversity across the business. In this webinar, we bring together four influential thought leaders from around the globe to share their stories of how technology is helping them advance D&I at work and at large.

Putting diversity and inclusion front and center 

The call for an inclusive working environment that promotes equality is growing ever louder, and 2021 is the right time to make this a business priority. The topic of diversity is a broad one, covering - but not limited to - gender, age, race, religion, accessibility, and sexual orientation, so it can be difficult to know where to begin. 

Running with the theme of this International Women's Day, #ChooseToChallenge, we bring together four influential women to discuss the role of the enterprise in advancing diversity and inclusion, and the novel ways they are using technology, to accelerate change and shift the dial on equality in the workplace to improve employee experience.

Who is the webinar for? 

Promoting and supporting diversity in the workplace is an initiative that the entire organization should be involved in. Although it is largely a C-Suite concern that their taskforce is as inclusive as possible, HR and internal comms teams will be the ones pioneering the change. This webinar is for these teams supporting the senior management, and effectively implementing a strategy that will create a real sea change in delivering diversity and inclusion within the business. 

What this webinar covers:

  • Why is promoting diversity and inclusion an enterprise priority and what can a focused D&I strategy deliver for your business?
  • What opportunities does technology present to accelerate positive change and create more inclusive workplaces?
  • What are some of the hallmarks of an effective D&I strategy?
  • What do your employees expect from your D&I strategy in 2021+?
  • How can workplace technology support D&I aims, and is your digital workplace the key to unlocking inclusivity at work?

Meet the expert panel

Nancy Speidel - Co-founder and CEO at iSAW (International Smart Advancing Women)

Nancy Speidel is a senior leader in Information Technology and co-founder of iSAW, an organization focused on women empowerment, professionalism, and growth. It brings together local and international expertise to produce effective programs for the advancement of women and humanity.

The charitable purpose of iSAW is to strengthen the position of women and promote the advancement of women all over the world, by providing financial support, building skills,  interconnecting women all over the world, and providing resources to mentor, support, educate, connect, and share learning and cultural experiences.

Advita Patel - Co-founder at A Leader Like Me and Comms Rebel

Advita is the Managing Director of Comms Rebel, an internal communication and employee experience consultancy based in Manchester, UK. Comms Rebel encourages businesses to take the leap and revolutionize the way they communicate within their organization by using effective measurement techniques and creative tools. Advita is a chartered PR practitioner, a Board Director, and a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.

A Leader Like Me is a platform for women of color, with the aim to build an empowering community where under-represented individuals can learn from each other and gain information, insights, and inspiration that create confidence and career progression.

Lynn O'Connor - Director DEI for UK&I at Sage Belong

Lynn O'Connor is currently Director DEI for UK&I at Sage Belong. With more than 20 years' experience in FTSE 100 organizations Lynn helps leaders to build high-performance cultures through values-based leadership, inclusion and diversity. This has included a specialised focus on gender, LGBTQ+, race and ethnicity, diversity of thought, multi-faith, accessibility, and carers, recognizing the need for both a strand-based and intersectional approach. Having lived and worked in Asia Pacific, Bermuda, the Middle East, and the UK, Lynn brings a well-honed cross-cultural fluency, enabling her to successfully deliver against a global remit. A co-founder of iSAW and a mother of a daughter, Lynn is passionate about helping other younger women and girls to reach their fullest potential.

Joanne Skilton - CCO at Unily

Joanne Skilton is the chief commercial officer here at Unily, and has expansive experience of working within the technology and business sector. Joanne rose up the ranks over a 25-year career, working in largely male-dominated environments and most notably as Head of Commercial at Battersea Power Station Dev. Co. As Unily’s Chief Commercial Officer, Joanne oversees the company’s continued expansion and works to develop an understanding of what digital workplaces can deliver for businesses, using technology to drive a change.

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How to promote diversity and inclusion with workplace technology

Diversity and inclusion is taking a front seat as organizations strive to build back better. Discover how can you leverage technology to take your diversity and inclusion strategy to the next level in the digital age.

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