The power of employee listening

In episode 17 of the Unily Podcast we're looking at the value of employee listening and discussing how enterprises can build consistent channels for people to make their voice heard and offer feedback.

Employee listening in the modern workplace

They say great leaders listen more than they talk, perhaps organizations can become great by doing the same.

In the modern workplace, where technology has come to define the employee experience and hybrid working still sees many colleagues physically separated, what value can enterprises gain from proactively creating a culture of employee listening? The Unily podcast team is back with newcomer Alexa Perlstein, HR Manager at Unily, to answer this and other key employee listening questions:

  • The value employee listening provides enterprises
  • How can organizations harness employee ideas and feedback to better deliver on their purpose and goals?
  • How can we build channels and processes around employee listening to encourage feedback and establish reliable, consistent sources of insight?
  • How can organizations build employee listening into comms and HR strategies to understand and improve the employee experience?

So what's the real power of employee listening and how can your enterprise take advantage of it? Join us to learn all about feedback, ideation and listening in the modern workplace.

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