WACKER: enhancing collaboration with a user-centric intranet

From scientists to engineers, WACKER’s workforce is comprised of experts that have set the enterprise apart as a pioneer of modern chemistry for more than 100 years. To pave the way for the next century of innovative work, WACKER replaced their SharePoint intranet with GLOBE; a user-centric employee experience platform that reimagines collaboration across the enterprise and its extended network of partners.

Wacker collaboration intranet case study

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Discover how Wacker launched the ultimate collaboration intranet.

WACKER - an international chemical company headquartered in Munich - came to Unily seeking to improve internal communication and collaboration for 35k employees and external partners. The enterprise wished to replace a legacy SharePoint intranet with a modern employee experience platform that could drive digital transformation.

Goals for the platform included:

  • Replace WACKER's legacy SharePoint platform with a user-centric intranet
  • Enhance collaboration by creating a portfolio that catalogs WACKER's services and expertise
  • Level up productivity with a unified search experience that puts key knowledge at every user's fingertips
  • Support knowledge sharing throughout WACKER's extended network of partners

GLOBE is a finely crafted, user-centric solution that intimately serves the needs of employees across all functions. The solution is a showcase of Unily's adaptable framework, with 'The Portfolio' at the center. The Portfolio is a catalog of all the internal services WACKER's departments have to offer and has become employees' go-to hub for knowledge, enabling the business to optimize its internal resources and drive increased efficiency.

"GLOBE embodies the future of workplace collaboration. It’s no longer about who’s in the room with you or even who’s on your team, Instead, Wacker employees now have their entire extended network at their fingertips, through a platform that was designed by their workforce and for their workforce."

Kaz Hassan - Lead Consultant at Unily

This case study will be of particular value if you:

  • Are seeking to launch an intranet with a user-centric approach
  • Are interested in learning how an intranet can be adapted to prime collaboration
  • Want to understand the benefits of providing a platform to engage an extended network of partners and collaborators 
  • Are seeking inspiration for how to create an intranet that will drive adoption from the start
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