Samuel, Son & Co. Ltd. partners with Unily to launch digital workplace platform

Samuel, Son & Co. Limited looks to bolster internal communications as they continue to operate an integrated network of metal manufacturing, processing and distribution divisions. Unily, who create the next generation of intranet, will help transform the way the business communicates and works.

Samuel Son and Co Unily digital workplace

Digital workplace provider Unily has today announced a winning bid to provide a major new workplace solution for Samuel, Son & Co. Limited, a leading global network of integrated metal manufacturing, processing and distribution divisions.

With a network of 6,500 employees, in five countries, Samuel is collaborating with Unily to ensure their new digital workplace increases employee engagement and company performance, while creating a high-performance culture.

Unily has been able to create one unified solution for the company. The platform, which will be used to help staff communicate easily and efficiently, offers granular analytics that will help Samuel boost and track employee engagement. This feature was an important factor in the company’s platform decision.

Digital workplace platforms are the ‘next generation’ of intranet-based communication tools and Unily is one of the leading players in the sector. Formed in 2005, Unily is one of Britain’s fastest growing independent tech businesses developing digital workplace platforms for brands such as British Airways, McDonald’s, Hershey Chocolate and L’Oréal. It currently employs 130 people across the UK, America, Australia and the Middle East.

Dayna Dautner, VP Canadian Business Development, said: “Samuel was looking for a digital workplace to increase employee engagement and company performance – ultimately, an engaged employee is more present and more productive. Unily is delighted to be collaborating with the team at Samuel; their dedication to this strategic initiative illustrates that they are passionate about their people and keen to maximise success. We can’t wait for this project to go live.”

“We’re incredibly excited about bringing Unily to Samuel,” said Anna Hawkins, Communications Manager, Samuel, Son & Co., Limited. “We want to offer our employees the very best work environment and we know that having a digital workplace like Unily will contribute to that by making it easier for employees to interact with one another and find the information they need. Unily platforms operate on a personal and individual level, where team members can interact through email, video and social media, while the platform can also be used for company-wide communications. These communication tools help to reduce the time a user spends searching for information, while also improving engagement and consumption of corporate and external messaging.”

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