SharePoint, Viva, or employee experience platform: Choosing the right intranet solution

With organizations under increasing pressure to improve employee engagement, choosing the right intranet technology for your enterprise has never been more important. But should you build on SharePoint, Viva, or buy a ready-made employee experience platform? In this webinar, we reviewed the pros and cons of each to give you the information you need to choose the right platform for your business.

Is SharePoint or Viva the right intranet for you?

As enterprises strive to improve workforce engagement, the company intranet is coming under increasing scrutiny. With the right intranet, businesses have the opportunity to unlock a catalog of benefits from improving productivity and knowledge sharing to transforming culture and communication. But in a confusing marketplace, it can be difficult to work out which foundational technology is right for your business.

Enterprises face a tough decision: to build on SharePoint or Viva or to buy a ready-made employee experience platform. There are trade-offs associated with both options, and this webinar is designed to bring clarity to the discussion and help you figure out the right play for your business.

We answered common questions like:

  • What is Microsoft Viva?
  • What is the difference between an employee experience platform and a SharePoint intranet?
  • Can Viva serve as my enterprise intranet?
  • What is the difference between Viva and SharePoint?
  • What are some of the most common SharePoint intranet painpoints?
  • How can I decide if I need more than SharePoint or Viva for my enterprise intranet?
  • Is it more cost-effective to use SharePoint or an employee experience platform?
  • How can SharePoint work alongside an employee experience platform?

On the agenda

  • Understanding the evolved intranet marketplace
  • Rehashing the build vs buy debate
  • Core intranet requirements – what employees expect and need from their intranet
  • What we know about SharePoint and Viva
  • The benefits of turnkey solutions
  • Key considerations to help you choose 

Meet your speakers

Aislinn Logan – Product Marketing Manager, Product Voice at Unily

Aislinn helps drive understanding of our product for Unily’s customers, people, and market. She is responsible for running product marketing campaigns for key new features, versions of the product, and strategic initiatives. Her work helps empower teams to achieve value with practical resources, whilst optimizing product exposure across key touchpoints in the market and nurturing significant relationships.

Carrie D'Amour – Presales Engineer at Unily

Global Pre-Sales Engineer and former 365 consultant with extensive SharePoint (On Prem and Online) and Office 365 experience as well as SQL (administration and scripting), PowerShell, Power Platform, Search customization and systems administration. Carrie maintains Unily's demo environments, builds "Art of Possible" solutions for integrations and gives prospects advise on how to get the most out of Unily's extensive integration features. Carrie loves to integrate, aggregate and provide a "single point of truth" in data and workflow solutions, which is why she is very excited to be part of the Unily Team!

Who should watch?

Whether you work in internal communications, HR, or IT, understanding the intranet marketplace is an essential part of ensuring your people are supported with the best technology. Whether you’re actively seeking to implement a new intranet or interested in understanding how your current platform might be holding back employee engagement, this webinar is packed with insights to help you make the best decisions for your enterprise.

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