Next generation intranets need to be more than just an intranet

451 Research specializes in the business of enterprise IT innovation and their latest report, produced exclusively for Unily, considers the state of the 'next-generation' intranet. What does a modern intranet look like and what business challenges can it be looked towards to solve? The brief details the new role the intranet will play in the future of work, as well as the modern enterprise’s greatest demands from their digital workplace.

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451 Research, the renowned global research and advisory firm, has released its latest Business Impact Brief taking scope of the digital workplace market to determine the shape next-generation intranets need to take for the future. The report, available exclusively from Unily, states unequivocally that the next generation of intranets must be more than just an intranet.

451 Research’s take on the new era of the digital workplace includes insight shared by Unily on what modern businesses demand from their intranets and how they can be successfully utilized to supercharge the employee experience.

With an eye towards the future of the workplace, this report provides a roadmap for generating the greatest ROI and maximizing benefits to employees for enterprises investing in this fresh crop of modern intranet tools.

This report covers:

  • The future of intranet technology
  • Why every modern business needs an intranet
  • What enterprises should look for in an intranet platform
  • How to solve common pain points with a next-generation intranet
  • The three A’s of next-generation intranets: agility, autonomy, and alignment
  • New workflow capabilities
  • A wider range of features
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Integrations with other applications

Who will benefit from reading this report?

The 451 Business Impact Brief will be of value to enterprises that want to get the most out of their intranet, offering advice to best leverage a next-generation digital workplace to empower and engage their workforce in the ever-changing landscape of modern work. Unily has shared insight for this report to inform enterprises around the world on the capabilities and potential of their digital workplace, as well as the true value of a modern intranet solution.


Next generation intranets need to be more than just an intranet

For too long people only thought of their intranet as a place for updates. As technology advanced and the intranet became an all-in-one digital hub, this reputation lingered, a hangover from the days of basic SharePoint sites. With the latest generation of intranets, enterprises can rely on their platform for so much more. Unily has partnered with 451 Research to provide exclusive access to this webinar on what the future of work looks like with a next-generation intranet.

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