What's coming to Unily in 2017?

2016 has been a big year for Unily! We have added thousands of users to the platform and helped our customers achieve some of the best intranet adoption rates they’ve ever seen. With these successes we’ve been able share some of our customers’ stories with you, delivering insight from the front lines, including from the likes of the Hershey Company and Monsoon Accessorize.

Delivering on our promise of an evergreen solution, we have also added a wealth of new features to the Unily platform, adding more value month on month for all our customers. Now, with the holidays rapidly approaching, we’re looking back at some of Unily’s most exciting moments in 2016, and also giving you an insight into what’s coming up next year.

Unily's 2016 feature highlights


With Unily we really focus on driving adoption to help our customers deliver maximum return on investment. One approach we are taking to drive greater adoption is through gamification and our new Unily profile badges are just one step forwards in this strategy. Unily Badges allow our customers to award custom badges to colleagues’ profiles when they achieve specific goals or reach particular milestones. This is all intuitively managed through our custom content management system. This is helping everyone from team leaders to intranet managers to share recognition and reward their employees. This could be anything from ‘employee of the month’ or ‘first aid trained’ to a badge for ‘most sales in a week’.


This is yet another feature that has user adoption at its heart by driving self-service experiences within the intranet. Unily Forms allow users to quickly create mobile responsive forms, survey or polls through the content management system. These forms can be embedded on event pages and are also stored in the forms library for quick and easy access and completion. Data entries are captured and viewable from within the CMS, with simple workflow functionality available to generate email notifications when the form is completed.

Broadcast centre

Being able to market and communicate to your own employees through various channels is essential for driving engagement with the intranet. Unily’s broadcast centre provides two new ways to do this:

  • Email Newsletter- Unily’s broadcast centre empowers content editors to build widget or html-based emails within the intranet CMS that can be sent out to target audiences. Emails are responsive and provide analytics around open rate and links clicked
  • Notifications - The other half of the Broadcast Centre is Notifications – one of the most exciting developments to come out of Unily this year. Users can now opt in to receive desktop and mobile push notifications via the native mobile app to alert them of new content published, company announcements and social activity such as new comments and profile views!

Enhanced sites

2016 has brought some big user experience and functionality enhancements to Unily’s micro-site feature. We have now introduced the ability to create sub sites to build out a site hierarchy with an associated Site navigation menu. These sites and pages can be built using even more intuitive and configurable widgets that maintain exceptional user experiences whilst delivering greater functionality without any need for technical or coding skills.

CMS enhancement

Unily features a custom .Net content management system which makes managing content within Unily highly intuitive and very powerful. With the new enhanced CMS a raft of new exciting features have been added in this area. This includes everything from manageable image renditions and advanced content searches, through to new grid views user interface for the CMS making content creation easier than ever.

Coming 2017

Unily would be nothing without its evergreen platform and innovative roadmap and our team of developers are working hard to continue to bring you the best intranet features around. We’ve got a lot to look forward to in 2017 including:

The improved document centre

The Unily document centre will be receiving a revamped interface in 2017 which introduces new features such as the ability to store documents directly within Unily, enhanced search, and a new document preview experience.

Unily social

Unily will soon be offering its own custom social platform. This social engine comes with great features including common feature like social groups, @mentions and #topics, but also exciting new features such as social reactions to content.

Enhanced analytics

Data driven insights are key to measuring adoption and ultimately ROI. Unily’s new analytics, driven by data warehousing and adoption reports, will deliver greater granularity than ever before, helping our customers to define even more successful engagement strategies.

Enhanced user permissions

The new Unily user permissions model will provide our customers with the control they need to assign the right permissions to the right person quickly and easily. The new permissions model will support permissions across not just content types with the CMS, but also actions.


Unily campaigns will allow intranet managers to organise content, social actions and more around engagement goals, as well as visualise the outcomes of these campaigns.

Structured content paths

Introducing structured content paths will allow our customers to execute action flows which drive users through chains of actions for example; view content, read document, complete form.

How to get started with Unily

We hope that's given you some insight into the exciting stuff we've got planned for our product next year – we can't wait to get your feedback on them.

Register for our 'What's next for Unily in 2017' webinar to get a sneak peek at the upcoming features. Or if you'd like to book a Unily demo to get some one on one with our team, get in touch today.

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2017 has been another big year for Unily, with over 200,000 new users added to the platform and over 25 new intranets launched! As well as this, the product saw some significant updates that make it easier than ever to create reactive and engaging experiences for employees.

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