Unily announces new customer-driven Feature Store

It's time for your intranet to evolve. Unily's Feature Store is on the horizon, bringing with it access to simple installation of new features that will supercharge your comms strategy, bring widespread innovation, and engage your people like never before.

Employee scrolling through Unily's new Intranet Feature Store

Unily revolutionizes the intranet marketplace with the Feature Store

The way that people interact with applications changed when Apple first launched the App Store. Finally, creative problem solvers had a platform to deliver solutions through, and consumers the endless choice to increase the value of their device. Crucially, this interaction was highly intuitive and fast.  

The App Store model made more digital tools and experiences accessible to the users that needed them, without the need for big updates or new ‘releases’. Meanwhile, the enterprise technology space has been slower to adapt to this consumer delivery model, which delivers so much flexibility and power. 

Now, Unily revolutionizes the Intranet as a Service market with the upcoming launch of its very own Feature Store, simplifying the process to expand intranet capabilities, and continuing to invest in delivering superior user experiences. Unily’s Feature Store increases value and unites your digital workplace with pre-configured features that are ready to use in seconds. 

Unily intranet feature store

Effortlessly increase capabilities 

Unily’s Feature Store allows you to increase the capabilities of your intranet effortlessly. With dedicated support from your Customer Success Manager, you'll be able to install new features rapidly, bypassing the traditional feature release cycles associated with SaaS products while responding to the new challenges your enterprise faces every day.  

A few exciting examples of what Unily’s Feature Store will deliver: 

Ideation to inspire new company-wide initiatives 

Innovation springs from deep-dive discovery sessions, conference calls with your best creative thinkers, or an ingenious idea put forward by one of your colleagues. Unily's ideation speeds up problem-solving and allows your people to look at the bigger picture and feel more immersed in your culture. They can create and publish ideas in seconds from their desktop or even from the frontline via native mobile apps on the go.  

Unily's ideation hub is complete with all the features to get you collaborating with your colleagues. Check the status of an idea to see if it is in progress, complete, or accepted to be taken forwards. View trending ideas to see a real-time view of what’s popular with your peers, or view the top ideas ranked by the intuitive idea voting system.

Unily ideation

Make your comms reach further with a new comms homepage 

With your homepage being the window into your employee experience platform, knowing where to start can be a tricky task. Our new communications homepage distills our industry knowledge into a single page, complete with a spotlight bannerpersonalized content sections, and trending content, your comms strategy will be even more effective. With a highly intuitive design, completely optimized for mobile, your people will be more engaged than ever before.   

Improve email engagement with new broadcast email templates 

With the average worker receiving 121 emails a dayUnily’s OOTB functionality helps customers work toward their goal to reduce email traffic. However, there are times where only an email will cut it, and, as such, your emails need to have a modern and impactful design to cut through the noise. Delivered through the Feature Store, Unily's Broadcast Centre will benefit from even more pre-configured email templates, that make email design quick and easy. No code needed, simply drag and drop new templates into place, personalize the content and articles for different audiences and then click send. 

Templates including leadership messaging for when you need to be at your most officious and events promotion designed to make event management and promotion painless are just some of the new templates Unily’s Feature Store will deliver. In addition, a new email template specifically made to promote the latest trending ideas to ensure the right people are aware of the ideas that are getting traction.

Unily's broadcast centre email templates taking email to the next level

Integrations made easy 

University of California Irvine study states that once someone becomes distracted, “it takes an average of 23 minutes and 15 seconds to get back to the task.” This highlights the importance of seamless user experiences in the intranet that help to keep your employees productive. With Unily, you can integrate any application that supports Azure AD or the OAuth 2.0 protocol, creating a highly consistent single pane of glass view across all your applications. However, configuring an integration and building smart features that use them can be a costly challenge.  

Unily’s Feature Store takes all the complexity out of delivering integrations for your business with pre-configured features. The Feature Store will launch with a collection of popular pre-configured integrations, including Salesforce, Slack, Microsoft Teams, G Suite, ServiceNow, Box, and SharePoint with many more planned.

Unily ServiceNow integration

Unily is ever-expanding and community-driven 

We wouldn't be where we are without our customers and their input. With their help, via ideation in our exclusive customer portal, Universe, they have helped to make Unily better for everyone, serving more use cases, and expanding our capabilities. Once launched, the Feature Store will grow rapidly to accommodate new requirements and requests. As a Unily customer, you will be able to make your voice heard and shape the Unily product as well as the features in your Feature Store. 

Welcome to the evolving intranet 

We're just getting started with the Unily Feature Store, helping to creating feature rich intranet designs. If you'd like to go on this journey with us, why not speak to one of our intranet experts to book a free demo

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