Unily V15: Unveiling Employee Journeys 

Unily is constantly evolving to bring fresh capabilities that give enterprises extra firepower to enhance employee engagement across the enterprise. Unily V15 unlocks the next stage of employee experience evolution with new capabilities set to revolutionize the modern intranet.

Together, we’re building something exciting 

Unily’s cutting-edge innovation team has shaped a rich suite of features and enhancements within version 15 of Unily. Our vibrant customer community plays a key part in helping us shape and evolve our product. Key enhancements andnew features are often driven by what’s trending in the internal communicator’s world and our buzzing ideation programme.  

Unily V15 invites a plush suite of new features and enhancements. These new additions are set to take you one step closer to surpassing the expectations of the modern workforce; simplifying complexity and upgrading relevancy. 

What’s included? 

The star of the version 15 show is Employee Journeys, our champion capability that gives a whole new meaning to personalized experiences. We also have exciting developments for our developer experience and improvements to our widget picker - as well as engaging popup templates, extra refiners for our people directory, and much more.  

The big-ticket item: Employee Journeys 

A revolutionary addition to our platform, Employee Journeys are here to help you turn scattered content into guided experiences. Create self-paced, guided journeys that take employees from where they are to where you need them to be - celebrating moments that matter along the way. 

Whether you’re looking to streamline your onboarding process, create learning pathways for upskilling, or develop experiences that celebrate personal and career milestones - from maternity and paternity leave to promotions - Employee Journeys are here to help. 

Each journey enrolls the right people at the right time, with automatic enrolment capabilities that pull your people into journeys based on profile properties. Journeys are self-paced, weaving together content into a logical flow that employees can move through at times that fit into the flow of their day. 

With the ability to leverage consumer-grade functionality from pop-ups to pulse feedback, you can create journeys that surpass expectations and bring you one step closer to closing the gap between customer and employee experience. 

Integrated messaging across all channels, including email and collaboration platforms like Teams and Slack, plus the ability to plan sequences of reminders across channels, helps you to drive engagement by meeting employees where they are with helpful nudges.  

Journeys are here to help you meet high employee expectations with the ultimate user-centricity and tailoring. They’re highly repeatable for scaling across the business and their automation reduces task duplication, easing your team’s workload. This feature’s ability to simplify complexity with marketing-grade features is matched by its ability to help you prove value. Intuitive benchmarking, trend evaluation, and detailed metrics give you the big picture on journey performance, and let you drill into the detail with the ability to see how different users are moving through their journeys. 

This landmark feature for our platform will enable our customers to elevate employee engagement and cut through noise like never before. 

Employee Journeys

That’s not all... 

Alongside Employee Journeys, other transformative updates include:

Popup templates  

A fantastic development for V15, popup templates build on the popup functionality we recently released to help you superpower consistency and quality across the content landscape.  

Popup templates offer an easily accessible layout and design for engaging content. With this functionality, simply design a template once and save it for reuse. This will save time and effort, allowing popup templates to be refined and fine-tuned for optimal results. In addition, customizable templates inspire editors to propel their popup content further with a consistent look and feel.  

Popup templates enable you to consistently maintain your brand voice and reduce the margin for error, all whilst saving your people precious time in their day. Check out this slick method of streamlining content creation and curation in V15.  

New and improved widget picker 

Improvements to the widget picker experience will streamline content creation within Unily, improving the process of selecting widgets across the platform and elevating the user experience.  

By standardizing categorization across widgets, elevating keyword search, putting imagery front and center of widget selection, and freshening up the look & feel – the process of shaping content is enhanced.  

This slicker process and improved UX helps content editors more easily navigate to get to the right widget more quickly with an ‘at a glance’ view. Driving increased consistency across site content, this shift also encourages best practice with improved widget diversity.  

Badges and kudos people directory refiners 

We’re improving our people finder experience so employees can now find high achievers in the business in mere moments. Allowing you to filter by badges and kudos received, this enhancement supercharges the capability of our people finder.  

Not only has this been a hot topic request from our customer community, but it’s another layer of incentive for employees to aim big with their achievements. Helping you better connect expertise, celebrate wins more, and amplify recognition, we think this small change could have big results.  

Federate Modules 

Finally, we have introduced federated modules – an exciting addition for enterprises seeking to build upon Unily’s Out-of-the-Box power. This market-leading capability will enhance the developer experience with advanced tooling to set up a workspace and connect dedicated applications directly to Unily.  

With this feature set, productivity will be super-powered with the ability to continue confidently working on widgets safe in the knowledge that you won’t be affecting deployed versions. 

Watch the launch webinar today 

During this event, we unwrapped everything our new version of Unily has to offer. Watch back on demand now to see us cut the ribbon on Employee Journeys, Popup Templates, and much more. Don’t miss out on this important news so you can start unlocking the full power of Unily in your world. 


Unily V15 launch: Unveiling Employee Journeys

During this event, we unwrapped everything our new version of Unily has to offer. Exciting new features and enhancements include employee journeys, federated modules, popup templates and much more. Hear the important news so you can start unlocking the full power of Unily in your world.

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