Intranet agility 101: Introducing the Feature Store

The world is changing, and fast. Our ability to react quickly to changing circumstances is fundamental to the future success of every business. More often than not, an enterprise's technology investments will dictate how agile the organization can be to change. With that in mind, we debut our latest product innovation: an all-new feature store model to upgrade intranet agility further than we thought possible.

Introducing the all-new intranet Feature Store

Watch as Product Evangelist Matthew Boyd takes you through the latest intranet innovation to change the way we think of intranet agility: The Feature Store. With plug and play intranet features now a reality, how can we take advantage of new rapid customization opportunities to deliver more value to the business and employees it serves?

What is the Feature Store?

Taking inspiration from the consumer playbook, Unily has developed its own intranet feature store to simplify the delivery of powerful experiences and increase the agility of enterprises to react and respond to change, fast. The Feature Store is an intranet ‘app store’ that enables plug and play installation of pre-configured, community-driven features.

The changing nature of agility

Agility has never been higher on the agenda of business leaders. The ability to react and respond quickly to changing circumstances has become paramount to the survival of business in the COVID climate. How can we implement agile practices now that set us up for future success? What can we learn from our pandemic responses and how can we ensure we're better prepared for future threats to continuity? And what are some quick-wins for promoting agile working today?


  • Understanding agility in the modern workplace
    • What do we mean by agile working?
    • What are the benefits of increased agility
    • What did we learn from COVID?
  • Intranet evolution
    • Build vs buy recap
    • The increasing maturity of OOTB
    • Changing expectations and new demands
  • With new challenges come new solutions
    • Feature Store demo
  • Open floor Q&A

Who is this webinar for?

Watch this webinar if you're interested in enhancing your employee experience and company culture with a strategy underpinned by digital innovation. Our active global community includes business leaders and executives from internal communications, HR and IT functions.

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