What does the future of internal communications look like? We need your help!

We are creating an IC Guide that will aim to tackle everything IC professionals have learned over the past year, presenting a definitive handbook for IC teams that can be used in 2021 and beyond – and we’d love your help!

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The changing landscape of internal comms

Internal communications as we once knew it has changed forever. Enterprises now need to focus on how they can best navigate in this new world of work, and ensure that they have an updated and robust internal communications strategy that can help in keeping employees engaged, connected, and valued.

2020 was a catalyst for change across the industry, and many organizations and internal comms teams had to improvise in order to keep up. 2021 and beyond is now the time for teams to plan, strategize and learn from the past year.

But how can we take what we have learned and turn it into a futureproof strategy for internal comms teams?

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5 internal comms trends to focus on in 2021

The 2020s have already earned the title as the decade of disruption. As workplace change continues to accelerate, every savvy internal communicator is looking ahead to future-proof their strategy. But what exactly are the forces of change that internal communications must prioritize in 2021 and beyond?

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Creating a future-proof IC Guide

We are creating a future-proof IC Guide that will take into account everything we have learned over the past year and turning it into an all-encompassing handbook that IC teams can use in 2021 and beyond.

The aim of the guide will be to provide in-depth analysis and information for internal comms teams to aid in re-strategizing their internal comms strategy and to support them in navigating new and changing landscapes in 2021 and beyond. 

It will cover everything from how IC has changed over the last year, to the key focuses your IC strategy should encompass, to how to best utilize digital tools to take comms one step further. 

This guide will be available online for IC professionals to refer to when creating a sustainable internal comms strategy. Using our own data and insights, the guide will answer and discuss: 

  • How IC has changed 
  • The new landscape, and how the nature of work has changed 
  • The new role and responsibilities of IC
  • New/current key challenges and trends
  • The key focuses for developing an IC strategy 
  • How the intranet has evolved to become central to IC
  • The best practices for using an intranet to overcome key challenges
  • How to take comms one step further with digital tools 

Can you help us?

To strengthen the guide, we are asking IC leaders to take part in our survey so we can gather insights and data to influence and structure the guide. This will make sure that we are creating content that is astute and beneficial for all who read it, taking into account real challenges and offering solutions to the problems IC teams are experiencing.

Are you someone working in IC that wants to take part in our survey, or do you know someone suitable that might want to help?

The survey will take no more than 20 minutes to complete, and in return, your insights will help us to create an informative and comprehensive IC guide that will help IC professionals build and sustain a futureproof strategy.

If you know someone who fits the bill for this survey, or who may provide interesting and useful insights, please feel free to share the following link with them:

The deadline to do the survey is Apr 30.

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