How multilingual AI is transforming internal comms for global workforces

When globally distributed employees are empowered to connect and share knowledge, innovation soars. But without powerful translation, geographical silos remain. Find out how AI-powered multilingual translation is transforming internal communications for globally distributed workforces.

Connecting global workforces to spark innovation

Employee experience technology is empowering enterprises to unite disjointed, global workforces in ways previously out of reach. The first step to connecting globally distributed employees so that they can innovate together is getting everyone on one platform. From there, targeting capabilities create a global platform with a local feel – connecting people to the regional stories that matter to them.

But the thorn in the side of these projects has always been translation. For your central platform to truly drive inclusivity and bring people together to share knowledge, that knowledge must be accessible in everyone’s native language. And, until now, an arduous, manually intensive translation process has rendered that reality harder to reach than it should be. Enter: AI-powered translation.

Multilingual content plays such a pivotal role in the success of every truly global organization that it’s often considered a license to operate. A marker of respect an enterprise has for its full workforce, multilingual content ensures people are engaged no matter where they are in the world, or whichever language they call their mother tongue. AI-powered language technologies, such as machine translation, transform the creation, curation, and translation of multilingual content – so everyone is part of the conversation.

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Here are 4 key ways AI translation is driving business outcomes:

#1. Better translations, faster

Old-school translation required experts in a nuanced field to complete painstaking, often tedious, costly, and manual work. This approach was lacking in flexibility due to the timescale involved with manual translations. It also ate a large portion of an employee’s working hours.

AI algorithms can analyze vast amounts of data, identify patterns, and generate accurate translations in a flash – reducing human errors and freeing up valuable time. Moreover, every employee will be more productive and engaged when content is delivered to them in their language of choice – shortening the time it takes them to take it in and increasing the chances they’ll ‘get it’.


#2. Translations that respect your brand voice

Without the power of AI, organizations often face challenges when managing numerous languages, as maintaining consistent messaging and brand identity becomes increasingly complex. AI algorithms can learn from existing content and style guidelines, ensuring consistency in terminology, tone, and style across many languages. This is a huge business advantage, aligning your content and keeping your enterprise on brand, always.

Adecco translation

#3. Setting the foundations for inclusive culture

It is widely accepted that language barriers can be a significant obstacle to inclusion. By providing content in multiple languages, organizations can empower everyone equally to engage and participate fully.

Language and culture are deeply intertwined. AI-powered translation makes it easier to foster cultural understanding across the business, and make everyone feel included, appreciated, and understood. In our interconnected world, ensuring you reach your full global audience couldn’t be more vital.

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#4. Enhancing accessibility across the business

Language accessibility is a critical aspect of driving engagement, and AI translation increases the chances that everyone, regardless of language proficiency or ability, can benefit from what the organization has to offer. Accelerating the creation, translation, and management of multilingual content by leveraging AI is a fail-safe way to prioritize accessibility across your business.


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Transformative translation: Unily’s AI language features

Unily supports 400 enterprise customers around the world, spanning many regions, with employees based in over 100 countries. This expansive customer base relies on seamless translation across their multinational operations – and Unily’s comprehensive AI language features offer a service they can depend on.

The platform supports an entirely multi-lingual experience for users, covering everything from published content and configured navigation to system labels and interfaces. All Unily's global intranets are connected to a centrally managed dictionary microservice. The central dictionary service contains professional translations of all system labels and interface elements in all supported languages, and this dictionary service can be fine-tuned to reflect every customer’s needs or brand.

AI-based machine translation is integrated across the entire platform, enabling one-click translation of all text fields on a piece of content or configuration into all languages a customer has enabled on their platform. Once machine translation has been completed, publishers can manually edit the machine-translated content to improve readability or tailor to their needs.

Take translation up a gear

Unily’s AI-powered multilingual translation ensures total accessibility for all users and simple translation for content owners. Platform managers can trust their AI-powered translation services to automatically convert content from pages, news stories, notifications, and much more, saving countless hours in manual translation.

Driven by Azure translation services, the capability spans 40 languages and can translate detailed, abundant content in minutes. What makes Unily’s translation approach so unique, is that we have layered our own system intelligence on top to further enhance Azure’s functionality – including dictionary term enhancement to enhance branding and custom messaging.

This cutting-edge AI capability ensures Unily’s employee experience platform is reliably built to unite the modern, global workforce.

Enhanced employee experience, enhanced customer experience

Due to AI translation’s ability to deliver high volumes of highly accurate and precise results in record time, multilingual content has never been easier to generate.

Unily’s AI-powered translation can translate multiple texts in different languages simultaneously, so it’s optimized for scaling. It also has the power to self-correct and improve quality over time.

All of this powerful capability will improve employee experience across both sides of the employee experience platform, improving people’s satisfaction with their tooling, engagement with the brand, and happiness at work. These benefits will have a knock-on effect on customer service or customer interactions, as your people will feel empowered to do their best work.

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Join the AI revolution with Unily’s future-fit capability

Unily is already ahead of the AI game, bringing the employee experience platform into the abundant world of artificial intelligence. AI-powered publishing, multilingual translation, and intelligent content recommendations are just some of the many ways Unily is already fuelling enhanced engagement with AI. Our cutting-edge innovation teams have been prioritizing AI elevation through every aspect of our upcoming roadmap, so watch this space to find out more about our future focus.

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