Unily wins big at prestigious Ragan Intranet Awards

Unily celebrates a successful start to 2019, with projects for Micron Technology Inc, Ellie Mae and The Specialist Works all scooping first prize in the Ragan Intranet Awards. Ragan’s Intranet Awards celebrates the teams, enterprises and consultants who have redefined the field with their groundbreaking work.

Unily employee happy for Unily to have won at the ragan intranet awards

Ragan's Intranet Awards recognize exceptional intranets from around the globe, offering accolades in categories from content to design. This year, Unily was proud to claim top spot in the following categories:

#1. Employee Recognition with Ellie Mae and Ellie Connect 

Ellie Connect introduced an employee of the month, with nominations from co-workers leading to recognition with a story that shares the employee’s contributions to the company and joins an archive of best practices. Articles and posts routinely celebrate employee achievements outside of work.

The linchpin of the effort is “Cheers for Peers,” a widget on the homepage that lets any employee recognize any co-worker for his or her contribution to a project or team. By seeing employees’ gratitude for the efforts of their peers in a highly visible format—and making it easy for any employee to contribute a “Cheers”—the widget would “solidify a positive culture where employees value each other.”

#2. Gamification with The Specialist Works and STEVE

Gamification refers to incorporating elements of gaming into nongaming activities. Examples include completion bars, leaderboards and badges. It was badges that grabbed The Specialist Works attention as the business sought to facilitate better, more productive teamwork and foster a positive culture of inclusivity and recognition on STEVE, the intranet of media agency. The categories of badges settled on included 'PICK' badges that reinforced organization values, achievement badges, badges for training and development badges and animal persona badges. Goals included celebrating employees’ differences, increasing engagement with the intranet and reinforcing the company’s values (Passionate, Inquisitive, Caring and Knowledgeable—PICK). 

#3. Interactive Content with Micron Technology, Inc and Micron Now

The team was able to review intranet analytics to identify areas where the intranet was being underused, and then built contest questions and activities designed to drive employees to give those features a try. For the 40 days leading up to the enterprise's 40th anniversary, these kinds of activities (for instance, visit the Office 360 apps and use one) were mixed in as bonus challenges along with daily challenges, such as identifying which leader was responsible for a well-known quote, or other company or intranet history or knowledge. The team created a site on the intranet dedicated to the game that spelled out the rules, listed the prizes that motivated participation, and featured a leader board that was updated in real-time. 

Having already picked up an award for Flight Centre's intranet in the Nielsen Norman 2019 Intranet Design Awards, three further wins sets Unily off to a flying start to 2019. 

To find out more about how our category winners developed award-winning employee experiences with Unily, get in contact with a member of the team.

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