Unily V15 launch: Unveiling Employee Journeys

During this event, we unwrapped everything our new version of Unily has to offer. Exciting new features and enhancements include employee journeys, federated modules, popup templates and much more. Hear the important news so you can start unlocking the full power of Unily in your world.

A giant leap for engagement with Employee Journeys

Version 15 of Unily is out now! At Unily, our customer community plays a key role in helping us shape and evolve our product. Key enhancements and new features are often driven by what’s hot in the world of employee engagement, but they can also come about through the wonderful thinking generated through our ideation program or via suggestions and feedback from our customers.

In 2023, valuable employee engagement has never faced so many challenges. We want to change that. With this rich suite of new features, you can capture your people’s attention with compelling content within their flow of work. Our innovative new features can help you design thoughtful messaging to keep everyone on the same page. These enhancements will smoothen the user experience across the Unily platform, and we can’t wait to see the results of putting them into action.

On the agenda

This webinar will focus on our brand-new features andhow you can best use them in your Unily experience. Some of the noteworthy additions include:

  • Employee Journeys: Unlock engagement across the employee lifecycle with hyper-personalized, dynamic employee journeys that recognize moments that matter and guide employees through their unique journey at your organization.
  • Federated modules: An exciting introduction for enterprises seeking to build upon Unily’s Out-of-the-Box capabilities, Federate Modules will enable the development of modules adopting the latest micro-frontend technologies, leveraging Angular and Typescript to produce a better developer experience. 
  • Popup templates: With the launch of our Popups capability in our last release, Version 15 brings the ability to design and save your favorite Popup design as templates for reuse for improved consistency and efficiency. 
  • Badge and Kudos People Directory refiners: This hot topic request from our customer community allows you to filter your people directory by the Badges and the Kudos people have received.
  • Live Q&A with the team

Meet your speakers

Matthew Boyd – Head of Product Voice

With more than a decade's experience in marketing and consulting on intranets and the digital workplace, Matthew is passionate about innovative technology that transforms the digital employee experience. As Unily's Head of Product Voice, he shares insights into how organizations can elevate their thinking on employee engagement and focus on meaningful technology that powers better work for their people. 

Aislinn Logan – Product Marketing Manager, Product Voice

Aislinn helps drive understanding of our product for Unily’s customers, people, and market. She is responsible for running product marketing campaigns for key new features, versions of the product, and strategic initiatives. Her work helps empower teams to achieve value with practical resources, whilst optimizing product exposure across key touchpoints in the market and nurturing significant relationships.

Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is for our customers who are using Unily to drive higher engagement and more successful business outcomes. We want you to be fully equipped to use the entire Unily toolset and gain fluency in our feature-set so you can unlock the full power of the platform. 

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