Unily featured in ClearBox Consulting's independent intranets report

Unily has been featured among the top digital workplace solution providers in Clearbox Consulting's recently released Independent Intranets Report. The report is designed to serve as a guide for off-the-shelf intranet software, spotlighting the leading solutions that buyers may wish to consider for their shortlists.

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Standing out in a crowded space

As Clearbox Consulting acknowledges, there are hundreds of intranets and employee engagement tools on the market. Among these options, Clearbox Consulting selected just 16 products to fully feature in their Independent Intranets report, determined by market presence, visibility, and user base. Unily ranks in the top 5 of these solutions, commended for superior user experience and search capabilities.

As an independent consultancy that specializes in digital workplaces, Clearbox Consulting serves as a source of guidance for many prospective intranet buyers. Unily is recognized amongst the vendors selected by Clearbox Consulting and as such receives a dedicated write-up within the pages of the report. 

Showcasing the best of independent intranets

In addition to reviewing various products, Clearbox’s report highlights the benefits that the independent intranet market has to offer. These advantages include superior news publishing capabilities, pervasive social experiences, and built-in features such as forms tools and gamification.

The report also examines these benefits in the context of the larger build versus buy debate. It pinpoints flexibility in design and navigation, lower cost of ownership, and seamless integrations as just a few of the reasons why independent intranet software is becoming the choice solution for enterprises.

How does Unily stack up?

When it came to evaluating products, Clearbox devised an extensive review system that considers ten scenarios such as information finding and user experience. Each product is rated based on its proficiency in each of these categories.

We’re proud to have performed well across the board, earning distinction in several scenarios including: user experience and visual appeal, social engagement and collaboration, information finding, and enterprise scale.

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"As a source for buyers in every stage of their digital workplace journey, Clearbox’s newest report will serve as a guiding light for those considering off-the-shelf intranet software."

Matthew Boyd - Product Evangelist at Unily

Get ready to launch your independent intranet

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