10 essentials for creating an intranet employees love

We've created a guide to bring you our top tips for creating an intranet your employees will want to keep coming back to. With real-life insights from top brands from around the world, download the guide today to inspire your own intranet strategy.

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How do you create an intranet that doesn't just meet your technical requirements, but resonates with your employees and adds value to the employee experience? Too often we see technically sufficient platforms fall down because users simply don't feel comfortable or motivated to use them. Why? Because the user experience doesn't live up to mounting expectations and users can't intuitively navigate to the resources they need. 

Years of experience supporting enterprises to create effective digital workplace platforms have taught us what works and what doesn't. The key to developing an intranet that becomes a central part of working life is taking a user-centric approach. By understanding the mentality of your users, and putting their needs at the center of your strategy, you can create a solution that naturally fits into their working lives.

To give you an insight into the intranet features we have found most effective in driving engagement, we have put together our top 10 tips for developing an intranet your employees will love. 

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