Discover what's possible with Universe, the hub for customer-driven success

Find out how our customer success portal, Universe, creates an experience for all our customers, supporting users throughout their Unily journey and serving as the home for our growing community of employee experience enthusiasts.

A community of employees laughing, sharing ideas and working together.

Welcome to Unily’s bustling community portal

Signing with Unily is only the first step on your exciting, new intranet journey. Your whole organization will be given free access to our dynamic customer success portal, Universe, where they can learn everything from tips for starting to advanced recommendations.

Above all, Universe is an experience, a free customer portal with a dedicated team behind it. Universe is a thriving customer portal, not just a static place for documents. Read a guide, speak to an expert, ask the wider community, and watch a webinar. It’s down to you how far you want to take your Unily experience.

Invite your colleagues to participate and learn – there is no limit on how many people can be invited. Administrators can easily invite more people to Universe and choose which areas they have access to. Universe is not a one size fits all portal. It can accommodate anyone, from content creators looking for the latest advancements in Unily’s leading CMS to developers, going further, and creating their own unique widgets and digital experiences.

"With over 6k users we're cultivating a unique and valuable customer community. With peer to peer interaction, support from the Universe team, live sessions, regularly updated content, and the opportunity to suggest and engage with ideas for product development, users genuinely benefit from 360 support."

Tom French - Head of Customer Community at Unily

We practice what we preach - Universe is built on Unily so that customers will see first-hand the latest product developments in action. For instance, customers could get hands-on with Unily’s ideation, to put forward their ideas for product tweaks. 

Ask your peers

The complexity of the modern enterprise can both inspire and frustrate. It’s good to know that you can always turn to a peer on Universe to ask for advice if needed. Universe gives you access to social channels for everyone to share useful tips and best practices. There will be companies with similar goals and who may be going through similar processes, so it’s always worth asking.

Universe is proudly part of the Unily family. Our teams are closely knit, from our Support team, for more technical enquires, to our Customer Success Team. Everyone plays a role in ensuring your intranet project is informed and successful.

Universe social feed

Unily experts take your digital workplace learning further

Not everyone learns by reading articles or guides. Universe caters to different learning styles and offers customers monthly live questions and answers. Our digital workplace experts, with decades of experience, are just a click away.

Universe also gives customers free access to interactive webinars for the ultimate in product tips and tricks. From best practice to UX know-how, webinars presenters give customers the lowdown on the latest product feature releases and the associated benefits.

Universe webinars

User guides for everything Unily

Universe hosts an abundance of user guides to cover any requirement or need. Customers can turn to product guides for everyday use cases and navigating their way around Unily.

Developers can delve into technical details and coding by perusing our specialist developer guides and walkthroughs. No stone is left unturned, so, with over 340 user guides, you’re sure to discover the answer by navigating the categories or using our powerful enterprise-wide search.

Connected to the future

"We're continually adapting and evolving Universe to support our user's needs; the community influences a lot of what we do and is at the heart of every decision. "

Hannah Deacon - Product Marketing Knowledge Lead at Unily

Product visibility is essential for all enterprises to ensure a plan is in place, and there is a strong vision. At Unily, we feel customers must have access to our up-to-date product roadmap, on which we highlight our plans going forward. Our roadmap is informed by what customers are putting forward using ideation.

Ideation, the beating heart of Unily

While we have many product experts and developers at Unily, feverishly working to make our employee experience platform the best in class, Unily wouldn’t be where it is today without input from our customers. Through Universe, customers can submit ideas using ideation and see the most popular ideas get taken forward and onto the roadmap. To this point, 13 features have been developed based on customers’ ideas and suggestions, with many more ideas to be taken forward.

Ideation is also a part of Unily’s Feature Store. Customers can encourage their employees to contribute game-changing ideas and company-wide incentives.

Universe ideation

Welcome to your new intranet family

We’d be happy to have you. If you’re interested to see what Unily can do for your organization, get in touch to speak to our digital workplace experts.

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