Announcing the debut of Unily’s Partner Program

Since launching nearly 15 years ago, we’ve had the opportunity to help the best and brightest unlock their fullest potential. Our new Partners program is an open invitation to jump on board and help us help you bring an optimized digital employee experience to your clients.

Building blocks of partnership

The more, the merrier

Whether it’s a digital workplace or a slice of pizza, the best things in life are greater than the sum of their parts.

By merging expertise and innovative ideas from a host of backgrounds, our team functions in much the same way. Collaboration is the backbone for success and our new Partnership program promises to accelerate those achievements by expanding our platform’s reach and raising the bar for digital employee experience the world over.

Shape the future of the workplace in real-time

From unprecedented consumer satisfaction to next-level growth, the payoffs for improved digital employee experience are as widespread as they are impactful. We understand that the right tools can revolutionize any workforce and by opening up our network and collaborating with third-parties, we’re expanding access to these game-changing innovations.

Unily Partners will work with enterprises to pinpoint the benefits associated with a bespoke solution and maximize the value derived from each use case. Joining our network is an opportunity to play a profound role in shaping the future of the workplace in real-time.

What will you get as a Partner?

Every Partner will work closely with a dedicated Partner Success Manager, who will help you upskill your workforce and support your Unily practice. Our team is here to ensure that you get the most from our organization and in turn maximize your return on investment. We have devised a host of Partner resources which include:

  • Unily Partner Business plan & Co-Sell Support
  • Access to our Universe Community Site, including Partner Directory Listing
  • Access to Unily Demonstration Environment
  • Sales & Marketing Training and Collateral
  • Unily Product and Training Support
  • Technical Resource, Material and Support
  • Access to Marketing opportunities, Events and Branding Resources
  • Access to existing Unily Client Opportunities

Why Partner with Unily?

We’ve witnessed the power of collaboration time and time again. From earning top honors at nearly every digital workplace competition to launching revolutionary solutions with major corporations, connection is at the heart of all of our achievements and milestones.

A partnership with Unily is an invitation to share our unparalleled success record and generate exciting new wins. Some key pay-offs include:  

  • Helping your customers achieve their communications and engagement goals through our enterprise-grade technology
  • Setting yourself apart from the competition by utilizing our award-winning employee experience platform used by over 3.5 million internationally
  • Improving your customer’s consumption of existing technology assets such as Office 365, HR, CRM, Helpdesk, Finance, ERP applications, and more
  • Ensuring the highest security standards and best practices
  • Complementing existing Microsoft Services
  • Creating a complementary business practice based around Unily referrals and deliveries, opening new revenue streams
  • Devising compelling Desktop, Digital Signage and Mobile App based solutions and white labelling these for reoccurring revenue
  • Taking advantage of networking opportunities through our Partner Success program

Your all-access pass to innovation awaits

If you are interested in learning more about how to Partner with Unily in order to enhance your existing portfolio, get in touch today.

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