Aflac selects Unily to create a true digital ecosystem for its employees

Aflac has chosen Unily's award-winning platform to replace its current intranet and provide a truly collaborative digital experience for Aflac’s U.S.-based employees, who rely on digital communications for 95% of its employee communications.

Aflac choosing Unily's award-winning platform to replace its current intranet

An intuitive and seamless collaborative employee experience

Aflac Incorporated has selected Unily to overhaul its current intranet platform with our award-winning multi-platform modern intranet. Founded in 1955, Aflac’s insurance policies now help to cover more than 50 million people worldwide, covering two of the largest insurance markets in the world – the United States and Japan. Unily will provide Aflac with a technology platform that enables team members to collaborate and connect in an increasingly distributed work environment, creating a true digital ecosystem for Aflac employees.

The Unily solution will give Aflac a content management tool that makes distributed authorship easy, with guardrails and governance to ensure a good user experience across the entire platform. Unily will also provide a robust measurement system that will allow Aflac to evaluate holistically the impact of its new digital communications platform.

"We believe Unily will help us meet the expectations of today’s Aflac employee. Our employees want a digital experience at work that mirrors their consumer digital experiences on other platforms. We want to provide a similar, intuitive tool that fosters engagement and continues to build on Aflac’s strong employee culture, which is critical to our company’s success."

Matthew Owenby - SVP, Chief Human Resources Officer at Aflac

Employee using intranet software in meeting


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A true digital ecosystem

Unily's intranet solution will complement other collaborative technology to enable:

  • Complete collaboration and self-service for all employees, from any location.
  • The ability for teams to recreate “chance encounters” digitally.
  • An intuitive, harmonious and seamless employee experience.

"When searching for the right platform, Unily ticked all of the right boxes. We wanted something that had ease of use for both administrators and content authors and end users, personalization based on criteria from the directory, and something that enabled a content lifecycle and the ability to decommission content that is not revalidated by humans, all of which Unily can do. Adding to this was the impressive four Neilsen Norman awards Unily won this year – Unily was the standout choice for us."

Debbie Ermiger - VP of Digital Engagement at Aflac

"Aflac came to us with the goal of wanting a digital employee experience that contributes to the overall employee-centric culture, and we are excited to be working with them to achieve this objective. Our digital employee experience platform will reflects Alfac’s highly-esteemed reputation, and puts the tools and resources their employees need to succeed at their fingertips."

Will Saville - CEO at Unily
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