A year in the life of Unily

2015 has been a huge, award-winning year for Unily. We’ve welcomed thousands of new users to the platform, helping people to work smarter and connect their organizations.

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2015 hasn't just been award-winning - Unily’s evergreen nature means we’ve seen a whole host of new features and functionality adopted into the solution this year. We wanted to sum-up some of our favourites.

  • Re-imagined User Experience – This year’s Spring Updates saw Unily’s user experience re-imaged to further align with modern web design. This updated look and feel has helped establish Unily as a leader in the intranet product space, focused on bringing consumer quality user experiences to the enterprise.
  • The Smart Feed – A major aspect of the user experiences updates was the design of an intelligent Smart Feed for the homepage. Not only can this surface a broader variety of content such as company announcements, featured applications, employee insights and videos, it can also deliver targeted content based upon user preferences of topic, location, role or whatever works for you due to intelligent tagging. This new feature has really helped our clients eliminate the content relevancy issue that so many internal comms team face.
  • Enhanced People and Document Search – At Unily, we’re all about closing the gap between consumer and enterprise digital experiences. Our new Document and People Directory search functionality is a perfect example of this. We’ve taken a refining search functionality, more commonly seen on our favourite consumer websites, and adapted it for Unily to enable rapid document and people search functionality. By providing an experience that employees are used to, finding the resources people need to do their jobs is intuitive, rapid and enjoyable.
  • Customizable Widgets – We’ve introduced customizable widgets to Unily’s homepage this year, allowing organizations to adjust the main information they see front and center on their intranet. Over the year our clients have added Widgets such as Stocks and Share Prices, Weather Updates, Recruitment Information, Social Smart Feeds and so much more!
  • Introduction of SPA – We’ve continued to develop the Unily caching engine over the year as well as implementing a comprehensive Single Page App Architecture to improve speed and ease of use.
  • Better Social Experiences - Social experiences within Unily have advanced hugely this year. With a brand new look and feel to continue blurring the lines between Yammer and Unily, as well as new functionality, users can get the best of Yammer collaboration and communication without even noticing they’re using a different product. Employees can now also write their own blogs without being content editors, giving people a voice across organizations.
  • Tribes – Tribes puts a whole new emphasis on departments, team and project sites, providing user-experience led, dynamic pages for employees to collaborate, learn and discover across the organisation. Connected to SharePoint sites, a Tribe page has the capability to surface Documents, People, Stories, Resources and Yammer Groups into a single, intuitive page.
  • Stories Archive – An intranet is only as good as its content. That’s why we’ve created a brand new Stories Archive page. Utilising an intuitive refining search functionality, employees can quickly find and consume News, Insights, Video and Event information, no matter when it was published.

What can you look forward to in 2016?

The next version of Unily is fast approaching and we’re got a whole host of new features to improve employee experiences. To give you a taste of what’s to come, you can expect:

  • Amended architecture for improved performance
  • An improved content management experience
  • Instant publishing of content
  • Localisation improvements
  • A localised mobile app for all devices

And that’s just the start of it…look out for our Winter 2016 Updates next year.

Want to see how Unily could look for you in the New Year? Ask us about our complimentary design programme so you can envision your own Unily intranet.

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