Stantec builds an inspired culture with a modern internal newsroom

Stantec has served as a pioneer within the world of design and consulting for over 65 years. After a period of rapid expansion, the enterprise's internal communications team was faced with the challenge of engaging 22k employees across 35 offices. ‘The Lens’ brings the enterprise’s inspired culture to the fingertips of every employee through compelling stories that spotlight the work Stantec is doing to shape communities big and small.

From humble beginnings as a one-person design firm, a culture of inspiration has been woven into the fabric of Stantec’s employer brand. Now comprised of 22k employees across 6 continents, the enterprise saw an opportunity to level-up their employee experience with a modern internal communications solution that could support them in telling the ‘story of Stantec’ in a way that inspired employees. The Lens serves as a digital home for this narrative: a place to spotlight best practices, showcase the impact of employees' work, and share the stories that are shaping the future of the brand in real-time.

Goals for the platform included:

  • Create a home for powerful storytelling that supports the activation of an inspired culture
  • Cultivate new opportunities for knowledge sharing and the exchange of ideas
  • Represent Stantec's authentic brand identity and seamlessly slot into the enterprise's existing systems
  • Streamline publishing processes for content creators while optimizing the experience for the end-user

This case study will be of particular value if you:

  • Wish to utilize next-generation technology to underpin a revolutionary internal communications strategy
  • Want to understand how an internal newsroom can drive culture and collaboration
  • Are interested in exploring how Out-of-the-Box intranet products can be configured to meet the needs of a specific enterprise
  • Are an international enterprise looking to build connectivity amongst your global workforce
  • Are seeking inspiration for designing an internal newsroom that inspires every user

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