Slater and Gordon Lawyers partner with Unily to launch their digital workplace

Slater & Gordon set a vision of continuing to provide world-class consumer legal services with a next-generation digital workplace by Unily.

Slater and gordon digital workplace

Digital workplace provider Unily has today announced that they have been chosen to deliver a major new workplace solution for Slater & Gordon, the leading provider of specialist legal services in the UK.

The teams are collaborating to ensure Slater & Gordon’s new digital workplace streamlines communication, improves productivity and creates a homogenous culture across their offices. The partnership was a perfect match, as the Unily product complemented Office 365 and brought the suite together using the Unily interface.

Digital workplace platforms are the ‘next generation’ of intranet-based communication tools and Unily is one of the leading players in the sector. Slater & Gordon are the first legal services client for Unily, who are one of Britain’s fastest-growing independent tech businesses.

Founded in 2005 Unily has been responsible for developing digital workplace platforms for brands such as British Airways, McDonalds, Hershey Chocolate and L’Oréal. It currently employs 130 people across the UK, America, Australia and the Middle East.

Lauren Parker, Unily’s Digital Workplace Consultant said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Slater & Gordon. The Unily platform will be instrumental in improving the way Slater & Gordon are able to communicate, collaborate and share information across their business. Working with such a forward-thinking company means that we will work closely to provide an innovative technological solution that will benefit every employee.”

Alicia Alinia, Chief People Officer, Slater & Gordon said: “Communication is fundamental to our success as a business and by adopting new technologies like this it enables everyone to work smarter and provides efficiencies which will ultimately benefit all our people, colleagues and customers.

“Unily’s bespoke platform allows our staff to embrace agile working environments where they can safely access all the information and data they need and collaborate with colleagues all over the country.

“The advances in technology-based solutions for the workplace mean that we can truly revolutionize how our people provide legal services and we are excited by the potential of the Unily solution.”

Unily’s personalized platforms operate on a personal and individual level, where team members can interact through email, video and social media while the platform can also be used as a tool for company-wide communications. These communication tools help to reduce user’s time to relevant information and functionality while improving engagement and consumption of corporate and external messaging

This potential to unlock peer to peer communication is most prized by Unily’s clients and its benefits go beyond its basic software functionality. Users report that they feel increased trust in a company’s brand as they can see exactly what’s going on 24/7. Customers also report that this transparency means that employee’s feel that a company’s ‘ethical code’ is better communicated, which helps retain and motivate its staff.

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