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Universe brings together a global network of customers who are equally striving for the very best digital workplace that unites their whole business. Universe is designed to help you yield maximum return on investment from Unily by combining three core elements: customer community, exclusive content, and informative events. Access is served through our customer portal where we host webinars, run open forums for peer to peer discussion, and share our thought leadership on digital workplace technology.

Alongside our Universe community, Unily is supported by a world-class support and customer success teams whose only goal is to ensure you get maximum value from your investment. We recognize that modern platforms can't stand still and we believe we have the best and most innovative team in place, constantly working on new ideas and turning them into to real-world features that support our customers' ongoing business needs and turn their digital transformation goals into a reality.

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UNITE. The Future is here.

Unite is a digital workplace conference like no other. With one of the most concentrated enterprise audiences of any digital workplace conference, Unite is a rare opportunity to learn, network, and be inspired by visionaries and innovators in our space. It's a showcase of the latest innovations in enterprise technology and a discovery of how they are changing the way we work. With keynotes from visionaries in business, new media, futurism, AI and more, join us on a journey into the workplace of the future and dare to think bigger.

This year Unite 20 takes place Jun 3-4 in Brooklyn, NY with keynotes from Casey Neistat - YouTube star; Anne Lise Kjaer - Futurist and TED speaker; and David Harrington - VP Internal Communications at Shell.

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ADOPTION SUPPORT. Keep them coming back.

Once the initial launch is complete, your enterprise portal must not stand still. As your business priorities and user needs change, so must your solution. To help you decide what to do next, we’ll continue to gather evidence from many sources including built-in analytics, content health-checks, and by staff opinion survey. With insights gathered, we’ll communicate next-steps to you in a digestible, actionable format and work with you to plan your next move.

As new innovations are released as part of Unily’s on-going roadmap, we’ll also work with you to identify how to utilize new features in the best way possible to achieve your goals and objectives. This comprehensive approach will be on-going and rewarding, and we guarantee you will see the platform and your results grow.

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24/7 SUPPORT. Delivering flawless performance.

Our world-class support team work around the clock to ensure your solution is always running at optimum performance. From continuously monitoring your site collecting real-time performance and reliability data, to ensuring that upgrades and new feature sets are rolled out seamlessly.

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