5 ways Unily’s Customer Success team adds value to your intranet project

Cracking the code for employee engagement is complex. Technology and communications must evolve to keep pace with shifting workplace priorities. At Unily, our Customer Success Managers are the frontline experts that bring employee experience goals to life. Learn what it takes to create an inspired workplace through their best practices.

Unily's customer success team meeting about employee engagement

A specialist team to drive engagement and adoption

For too many employees, digital offerings continue to be a pain point. 62% of employees aren't satisfied with workplace technology and as a result, less than half of HR leaders believe workers are content with their jobs overall.

While an intranet is a step in the right direction, only 40% of organizations are somewhat satisfied with their solution. When it comes to sustained success, constant iteration and innovation are required to ensure your employees are satisfied with their intranet in the long run.

Unily solutions are designed to serve clients long after launch, which is where our Customer Success team comes in. Following implementation, every client is assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager to keep momentum high, drive adoption, and maximize the efficacy of their intranet.

Ultimately, it's our Customer Success team who are responsible for our clients' satisfaction and driving on-going platform growth and innovation.

"As a CSM, my mission is to maximize the success of our solutions by helping clients leverage all the features our platforms have to offer in a way that aligns with their own strategy and core objectives."

Sanika Gentiles - Customer Success Manager at Unily

What does a Customer Success Manager do?

The Customer Success team’s mission is:

"To maintain customer satisfaction from platform launch to renewal, striving to drive product adoption and engagement, with a strong focus on offering clients a significant return on their investment."

Customer Success Mission Statement

While no two days are ever the same, the Customer Success team will regularly review Unily analytics with clients to gain an understanding of what is working and what needs improvement. They will draw further insights from analytics and turn them into recommendations for best practice, which clients can then refer to at any stage of their intranet project.

The Customer Success team aligns clients' goals with Unily’s product roadmap, while making recommendations on new features and integrations for them to consider. An example would be how they can get install new features quickly, for rapid ROI, by employing Unily’s Feature Store. This then leads to more strategic conversations to help clients widen their scope to reap greater benefits from their platform.

The team is always there to field ad-hoc questions regarding platform usage and implementing new features, while we also connect clients to our thriving customer success portal, Universe. The Customer Success Team works closely with Unily’s Support team to ensure that clients receive the very best their platform can offer, including scheduling platform upgrades and collaborating with internal teams for deployments.

While no two days are ever the same, some of the tasks on Unily’s Customer Success team's agenda include:

  • Reviewing Unily analytics with our clients to gain an understanding of what's working and what needs improvement
  • Drawing insights from these analytics and turning them into recommendations for best practice
  • Leading strategic conversations to help clients get the most out of their platform
  • Fielding ad-hoc questions regarding platform usage and implementing new features
  • Partnering with our Support team to ensure clients receive the very best their platform can offer
  • Scheduling platform upgrades and collaborating with internal teams for deployments
  • Aligning our clients' goals with our own product roadmap and making recommendations on new features and integrations for them to consider
  • Sharing client feedback with internal touchpoints to continue to enhance end-to-end consumer experience
Unily customer success manager answeing questions at Unite conference

5 ways Unily's Customer Success team adds project value

Our Customer Success team is designed to support every client in achieving their specific project aims. The following measures are taken to maximize the success rate of each client:

#1. Close support from an expanding team 

With more than 4m Unily users to support worldwide, the Customer Success Team is one of Unily's most resourced departments. Since the start of 2020, the team has expanded by 15% to enable every customer to receive the support needed to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic. Now standing at 25 team members, Customer Success is primed to support clients in navigating the challenges ahead. With a 1:8 ratio of Customer Success Managers to clients, the team prides itself on developing close, collaborative relationships. 

#2. An experienced partner 

From the moment a client completes onboarding, their Customer Success Manager is there to guide them along the process. The Customer Success team has extensive experience implementing strategies to drive on-going adoption and engagement of digital workplace solutions for clients of all shapes and sizes. This unique insight makes our Customer Success team uniquely placed to advise on overcoming some of the most challenging issues faced over the course of platform evolution. The team leads its clients through a certified success model that has been tested in every scenario imaginable, using their own unique insights to tailor strategies to every client. With so many variables to account for in a project of this nature, having an experienced partner on hand brings a welcome level security when unexpected circumstances arise.

#3. A personalized, structured approach

Customer Success Managers work closely with our clients to devise an engagement strategy tailored to their specific goals. From levelling up productivity to engaging frontline staff, each client comes to Unily with their own set of priorities and our Customer Success team ensures that these goals become realities. Once an engagement plan is in place, Customer Success Managers guide clients throughout their journey, with frequent touchpoints to evaluate their progress. Partnership touchpoints often include monthly success calls, quarterly executive business reviews, and yearly strategic touchpoints. Additionally, Customer Success members are always available to answer questions and offer advice; weekly check-ins are far from uncommon.

"Our Customer Success Manager is wonderful. She is always keeping a lookout for new things we might be interested in and remembering the challenges we talked about months ago. It's great to have somebody partnering with you who you get to know personally and professionally and work with them to develop this product."

Laura Chatel - Communications Analyst at Stantec

#4. Local insights with a global view

Spanning the globe, the team supports an international client base with offices in New York, London, and Sydney, drawing on location-specific knowledge to deliver tailored insights for every project. The team is divided to focus on either mid-size, large or enterprise size clients. This enables clients to receive advice designed to tackle challenges specific to their workforce type. Regular knowledge sharing enables team member to share insights so that knowledge is passed on from all corners of the world.

#5. Support in a crisis

With their proactive approach, Customer Success has stepped up to help every client achieve their goals, even during moments of mass-scale disruption like the COVID-19 pandemic. From creating comprehensive work from home resource hubs to launching new social initiatives to keep employees connected from afar, our Customer Success Managers continue to help clients adapt to the new world of work. When difficulties arise, our Customer Success team are there to pool knowledge and guide every customer through challenging times. 

"COVID-19 has inspired customers to get creative about the 'how' of getting and keeping their workforce’s attention. As a strategic initiative to increase productivity and engagement by driving users to the platform, my clients and I have brainstormed various campaigns, articles, and videos that align with employees’ interests."

Chavaz Kingman - Senior Customer Success Manager at Unily
Unily customer success manager talking to customers at user conference

Looking ahead to a bright future

The world of work is transforming at pace, and our Customer Success team are on the frontlines helping enterprises navigate the new normal. The last few years have seen businesses tested to reinvent employee experience for a more digital era and what we have learned is setting us up for a bright future. The pandemic was a pivotal opportunity for our Customer Success teams to add value by supporting clients through unprecedented circumstances at scale. As many of our clients transitioned to remote work, our Customer Success Managers have been instrumental in helping them navigate landscape shifts. An ongoing emphasis on holistic support pays off, as user adoption rates and client satisfaction continue to soar.

"We're really starting to see the results of our focus on client success, with adoption rates continuously increasing and features and functionality being used in ways we never would have expected."

Hannah Winthrop - Head of Customer Success, EMEA at Unily

Drive best-practice digital workplace strategy at your enterprise

If you're looking to maximize the efficacy of your intranet, having a go-to source for advice and strategic guidance is essential. To learn more about what partnering with a Customer Success Manager looks like, get in touch with our digital workplace experts.

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